Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fun Fun Fun Fun!

Here are some pics of my goofing off this weekend. The decor in LA is just sweet! My favorite event so far has to be the Bell Choir. Though a touch laggy, once you have the melody, you can keep playing. It takes some skill, but once you get it, it is just ding-tastic!

Scotty and me trying out outfit dye combos. Don't he look just all bashful?

Riding the Pink Turkey


Wonder how they got a snow storm in the cities? UFO's!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Days of Winter Fashions!

All hail the Lords and Ladies of GW2 fashions! For the next week till Christmas, we will have a spotlight of a player who rockets Wintersday fashion to new heights. If it is regular armor or costumes, creative bell playing or epic tomfoolery, If you are on Isle of Janthir, be on your toes. I am looking. And I will catch you doing something cute. Be Warned.

Everyone meet Cha Lunar Valentine. Her sylvari is sporting the Light Exotic crafter armor in Scarlet, Viridian, and White. How fricking sweet is this look?

Love love love love this look! The red and white hair, the attention to faboulousness! What is your best holiday look?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jumping Sea-Legs

I have no clue what is wrong with me. I am completing jumping puzzles......with only dying once or twice. These are not baby puzzles either, and I am also not alone. The guild I am in *shameless plug for the awesome peeps of AGE!* is too cool for words.

The not so bumpy ride was the Hidden Garden. Here are some screenshots of me not sucking. *Still laying up tequila for the snow one. I just know it is going to have conditions...dammit...*

These mushrooms...omg If I only had a skillet big enough...

Mad mad mad mad madness, four different puzzles and I did em all in one night. Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh!

Frosty at the end of the Pirate puzzle in La. Me chillin like a boss.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wintersday Showdown

Ohh my stars! Did you all catch the fabulous costumes in this video? It looks like someone raided a romance novel! *swoon* The long skirts and the fur collars are just sweet! The menswear is just dapper! Whoever did these, KUDOS! They are just wonderful!

*edit* I just had to show you! I took this screen from my IPhone, so the blurriness is all mine.

Check out the debonair ladies cap, it looks like they added hair, so no more baldness going on there. The corseted top with the fur shoulders are just divine, and the double layered skirt is just sooo sick...

They actually did the men a good service as well. A triple vested button down with a smart tie, fitted waistcoat, but they still had to add the man skirt. What is wrong with showing a bit of man-leg? Wrangler made a whole campaign on men butts, why are there so little options for the guys to show there stuff? I am so loving the fur shoulders on the guys outfit as well. And the cap! A cross between a bikers hat and a beret. I envy you guys that hat!

Ohh yes! Anet take my money! What a lovely set of costumes for the holidays!

I also noticed the crazy ass jumping puzzle they have set for us. It will be an epic showdown for me, as I will not quit until I get it. *I am also laying out shots of tequila, so joining me on teamspeak should be a treat.*

Take a look and grab your Santa hats peoples, Wintersday is Coming!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Playing With TP

You fickle, frustratingly fun thing you! Yes you, I am looking at you Black Lion Trading Co. You tempt me with mad gold, parading it around in front of my poor poor self. Dangling the temptation to play with you. You are my ultimate carrot, but the stick you are attached to is covered in barbed-wire and electrodes.

Yet, I still come crawling back, like a scalded scritt, to open your delicious tabs for some more slices of humble pie.

I took my little bit of saving the other day and rolled them into dyes. My sister, damn her lucky ass hide, got 6 Abyss dyes and a bunch of gold. I was all like "Ohhhh, I can do that too!"

I was wrong, so very very wrong. See there is this thing in normal people that say STOP. I am lacking that thing. That thing is so borked. So I had 39 gold. Now I am a broke peasant to my sisters Rollin in the Dough' lady. *evil glare* I totally blame her. Yep.

Also LMAO, I forgot I had this! Which makes the title of this post true two ways. It also proves that I am 12 at heart, or it may be that I spend way too much time with my little nephews....

Pawsha lamented the lack of a public sand box. But in true cat fashion decided that the statue was now hers..

Monday, November 26, 2012

Chests, Chests, Chests!

The Rdm thingie going on in the holiday and speciality themed chests is killin me. Killin me! For Halloween this was me:

"Yay! Chests!"
*buy keys*
"I am so gonna get something great! Chainsaw Greatsword HO!"
*opens chest*
"Well it did say a chance."
*opens 24 more chests*
"Maybe I am just unlucky...I will try one more time tomorrow."
*goes to store and buys another gem card*
*Opens 5 more.*
"Why you sons of bitches! Gimmie my Blasted zombie risen slaying ChainsawBlade!!*
*Reads the forums.*
*takes a deep breath*
*throws epic fit that wakes the dogs, sends my family scurrying for 'home invasion' weapons, and nearly costs me a computer*

For the so short, I didn't get a chance to play, Lost Shores:

"Yay? More chests??*
*I will not get upset, I will not get upset, I will not get upset*
"250 for a special chest? Not too shabby."
*buys a chest*
"Here we go!"
*Opens chest*
*gets a damn papaya*
"Well you must not want my money that badly, A-net."

So I have come to the conclusion that chests and the goodies they put into them are not for me. Nope.

They hang the meat of the chests over a pit of flowing lava and spikes. The piteous cries of the minis trapped inside tug at the heartstrings, but alas they will have to rot in there. Because, when all is said and done, I refuse to give them my hard earned money for crap. I have bills for that...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Morgan's Spiral Spanked!

I did that! In one go! *happynakiesdance*

I had watched the guide on Dulfy.net here. It was like watching a beautiful butterfly float along the most dangerous of paths. Graceful and bad ass all in one! They have some great guides and awesome awesome weapon galleries.

Also added Dulfy.net to the blog roll! *grin*

Here is my victory pose:
Bad Ass Bitch! Whoohooooohooooo!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why I Need a Prosthetic Penis

WARNING: The following post will contain MASSIVE amounts of foul language and bitchery. Please hide the kiddos and help your selves to some beer.

Last night, after at last completing Ascalon Catacombs in Story Mode with my new buddies, I wen to the Straights of Devastation to run the 3 event chain there to get Sia *lev 73 whoot!!* to 80. From no where I get a party invite. Me? Friendly type of peeps I am, I join in.

Big big big big big big mistake. First it is just hey how's you kinda chatter, but one proclaimed 14 then 24 year old male starts whispering me.

*please note I was farming this events and did not get a screen of this convo. By the time I though to do so, I had already logged for the night. Also I have changed leet speak to my form of English. You are welcome.*

Him- Hey, new to guild wars?
Me- Nope old hand at this!
Him- ???
Me- 8 years GW1 and 408 hours in Gw2. You?
Him- Dayumm that is leet! 
Me-  Thank you! I also have a blog. -address- Check it out sometime!
Him- *something about me being a dude making a female toon*
Me- That is because I am female...
Him- Got any pics??
Me- Sure I have a few on my blog.
Him - links broke
Me- Google Trippin Tyria
Him-  There is only one pic of you.
Me- There are more but in past posts.
Him- your pretty!
Me- Thanks! 
Him- Are your boob real?
Me-Of course.
Him- C's??
Me- No DD. 
Him-  Nice
Me- Thanks...
Him- Spit or swallow? ;)
Me- I have to go. *block*

See the thing here is that sarcasm does not translate into words very well. Yes, I have a rack, I am a chick. Y,es they are nice, my Hunny likes em just fine. NO, I will not apologize for showing cleavage on my blog page, as I am more than my breast size. I am an intelligent hard working woman that loves to game. Alas it is jack-off dick heads like the above that just make the rest of you decent guys look like shit. 

I understand that being immature is a big excuse for this behavior. But when the fuck does immature cross the line to fucktard? See above. 

When the hell is it going to be ok for chicks to be good at games without the whole -wth gtfo cunt- or the every popular -go make me a sammich- shit?

Tell you what...when you flop your dick out online and let people oogle it then maybe just maybe will you fell the slightest glimmer of what it feels like. 

What will it take for some people? A prosthetic dick? Maybe I will get one. You know, so that way I wont be some chick with tits that can suck you off that also has a blog online. Because we all know a woman's worth online. 


My worth is my own. My gaming is my own. And the only reason you even ask online is because you are too cowardly to go out into the real world and get bitch slapped for your comments. I DARE you to go outside, find a random chick, and first ask her if her boobs are real and then if she swallows. I FUCKING DARE YOU! Let me know when you get out of traction from getting your bones broken.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Finding Home

Like the rest of you I had delusions of grander before GW2 launched. I had my guild page all nice and spiffy, my roster planned out and all my duckies in a row. So excited about getting the old gang back together for a new Tyria. Then real life came by a kicked me square in the ass.

My old gaming buddies? Well I still talk to them, hang out with them online and by text, but it is not the same. Some have left for new games that they love, some have out grown the whole 'gaming thing', while others are working/schooling their asses off. I can't blame them.

I miss them though. These were the people who helped me kill Abbaddon after killing me in a dance off, ran with me through multiple Eye of the North book runs, helped me with dye combos and cheered my armor whoring obsession. They were my first online family, and I miss them with the depths of my heart.

But sometimes loss leads to gains. I've been slow to let go of my pre-launch power plans of mighty ruler ship. A good buddy has taken time away from his guild to come Yak's Bend side to help me out. He had been waxing goodness about his current other guild mates, and I at last gave him the ok to send me an invite. *Crickets chirruping in the guild chat had nothing at all to do with my decision....blush*

Yay! People who talk! Yay! People with crazy sense of humor! HELL YEAH! There be another chick in the chat!!!

So I am going to step away from my planning, wear my sorry $20 Wal-Mart special headphones, and get to know some new peeps. Because sometimes, you have to let go to really have some fun. Well that and speak up a bit, dang my first round shyness...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Fought a Dragon Toe

I am trying to get Sia at max level so I can get her kitted out and dungeon worthy by Sunday. A full Master Huntsman later she is sitting pretty at level 66. So it was off to the personal story. Tybalt was a hoot! I loved the apples phrase he used when he was Demmi. Lovely apples indeed you naughty charr... And I liked to have really lost it when he charged in and bolted the doors. My apple buddy! I shall miss you!

Whom do they replace him with? A cabbage with a sword gifted to him from the Pale Tree. Where the heck is my sword? Where the heck is my Rally the frickin Troops Speech? Them first born bastards are a talkative lime light steeling bunch of weeds...*sniff* They took my Tybalt my funny funny Tybalt and replaced him with this guy? Time to make a salad! 

After all the gift givings and future walkings were done, it was back to Cla-rw Island for some dragon toe splintering! It really is my first dragon type thingie, not counting the dragon in the sylvari starter instance. It had grubs, it had poison, and I wish I could feel a bit more than a pesky ant pinching my way to victory. Hence le epic camera angle in the last picture. *grin* 

How about the other races personal story lines? And more grit-teeth inducing forced partner changes in the works?

Please tell me that this is an actual ship we can command. Nothing says 'I am a bad ass pirate' better than sailing the Tyrian Seas in the corpse of a dead Mammoth!
Ahh yes we meet again, Toe of the Foe I Cannot See completely!

The best face shot I have of the darn thing that ate my Tybalt. 

First Yay for Healing Spring! Second Yay for not looking so small and tasty in this screen shot!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Post 100

Wow! I was going to do a whole spiel about Halloween and how much I failed at the Mad King's Clock Tower, until I noticed that this would be my 100th post.

Really 100 times? Holy cow I did something and stuck with it! Whooohoooo! *happydance* It has taken me a bit longer to get better than I had thought. I got the flu Thursday before last, and it has really cleaned my clock. The weakness is just now tapering off, and I feel like iv been pounded by charr wielding pool noodles filled with cement. The candy gleaned from my nephews trick-or-treat bags have come a long way in getting my *ohmygodsotasty* appetite back.

I want to thank everyone who comes by and reads the madness that I put forth here. I am a complete nut about GW and love to share my experiences and thoughts about the game with you all. Look forward to another 100 post folks!

Ps: Still not walking anywhere! I love my broom!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun

My rl sister Wicked Aira and me dancing for the Family Sized Candy Corn
Who is a pretty pretty birdie?

The rare frog witch! 
And I think I have worn this costume long enough...its getting funky...

Vanity shot of Lazula....I am in love with her whole look. 

I swear that I am feeling better. The flu really kicked my tukas. My thoughts on Halloween events, the clock tower of arrrgh, and chests coming up tomorrow morn.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Sia's Alive

Hello again! *wave* It seems that my cold was actually the flu. I am still recovering. I put in some awesome time in game this weekend and here is a cool screenshot to tide you guys over till I can function enough to type. Silly cough medicine....
Mad King! How I have missed you! Never thought you sounded  like David Bowie though...
The Clocktower does not like me.
And is my necro the only one with humping minions? This little fellow has  a thing for pumpkins...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why I Will Never Walk Anywhere Again

I got my witch costume today. I will never walk in town ever again. Broom toy skill 4 is just pimp!!!!! THANK YOU ANET FOR TOYS!!

Edit* Ok remind me that posting after midnight on nightquill is not a good idea. To rephrase what I so eloquently said above, the Halloween costumes are amazing. Minus a personal glitch that has all of my town clothes leggings pieces as ONE PAIR OF PANTS...they are just super sweet.

The witches outfit below has multiple dye slots on both the top and I can assume the britches as well. But what really shines is the broom toy. It has five skill slots, and the ability to join in the costume brawls. Skill 4 is the fly key. I love love love love love this. I really do. You can jump while in flight as well. Go get one, it is well worth the 700 gem cost just to hop on, coast around, and laugh at the people who still choose to use their feet.

Ps - The broom, omg, the broom.....*falls in loves*
PPs - I have to equip this on my asura!

That expression right there is the same one I am wearing every time I get on that thing!

Sia is Sick

So so so so so sorry for lack of posts this week. I am a bit under the weather, but to tide you over till my brain begins to function through the icky snot monster, here is a video of the Halloween Costumes!! YAY!!

Richie Procopio... please gods let me have spelled that right, is part of the GuildCast crew over here at GamebreakerTv. He also has his very own YouTube channel that I shamelessly follow. Here is his most recent video. Give him a subscribe, a follow, and a hug if you see that man!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh How I want It To Be Monday!

Check this out *grin*

That is right folks! Here be the link to all the goodies released so far..new minis, free devil horns, costumes, tonics, and the Mad King *crosses fingers*  Also try to figure out what those costumes are....my eyes are not a good as they used to be but I could swear that is a skull mask on the Asura.

Also this:
Who is a happy Sia??? 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bitterest Nightmare

I don't know if she is steaming or stewing. Bitterest in da hot springs.

What do zombie sylvari crave?
Heads of lettuce!

Common folks lets get some Halloween jokes rollin! Twitter has a #madking2012 that is making me giggle. Post the best of your worst in the comments.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Oct 22

The first holiday in GW2. Shadow of the Mad King.

Take a quick sneaky peaky at the photo below. What do you see?

1 - There is a way to AT LAST see what the heck is in the cauldron! Notice the jumpy platforms.
2 - Our freaky ass moon is back! Al la Nightfall it seems.
3 - Toxic fumes, green glow-y fantasticness! Notice the swirls at the bottom.
4 - Looks like this is going to be in La. The cauldron's position seems to be where the Lion's Fountain is. Really looking forward to see if the other towns will be decorated.
5 - FPS I really really really hope they work on this for the live events.
6 - There had better be a pumpkin carving stall in here somewhere!

We have until next Monday before this all goes live. What are you looking forward to the most?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekend Scavenger Hunt!

Good mornin! I'v put up a little bit of gold in Ye Old Bank and have decided to offer everyone a chance to win a whole gold piece! The rules are simple:

1: Solve the Riddles.
2: Find the Stuff.
3. Turn in Stuff. @ Siadina. Items will not count if turned in before Sunday Oct.14th. Mail the 3 items and your answer to the 4th riddle to me no later than Sunday Midnight EST.

Winner will be the first one to mail me the correct items. You will win 1 gold! Everyone who participates will get a mention here on Trippin Tyria and some goodies out of Sia's Stash!

Ready Set Go!

Riddle One: Item

Harvest spiral bunch,
Yikes! My head is what you seek.
My doom in a bowl....

Riddle Two: Item

Riddle Three: Item

Wielded by a Guardian I strike true.
But bears don't like me *sadpanda*

Riddle Four: Answer

Of six I am one.
Rulers of man follow my path.
Seek me and find chaos.

And there we go folks! You can find the items but anything that is sent before Sunday won't count.


Thursday, October 11, 2012


Our time has come! No, I am not referencing the sucky live action trailer. Here if you haven't seen that mangled mess of advertisement. 

I am talking about these bad boys! 

All hail Alana @LadyVerene! Give her a follow, she is the owner of Under the Pale Tree. Great blog! Great peeps! 

So I have a mission. BUY ALL THE CARDS! *hunts for meme* There is no buy all the cards meme? Fixing! Fixed! *puts on shades*

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Yay! I found a bug, reported of course, but I had to share! I got rezzed underwater near the skill point north of the reactor plant in Metrica Province. Come to find out Tyria is setting on a bed of water. This is me under the crust, chinchillin with my staff. Ps - don't look down! It is the only time this game has given me a real fright! The feeling in the pit of my stomach as I looked into the watery abyss under my feet? I did my reporting and got the heck outta dodge!

Also to make myself feel better about not diving down and seeing the end of the world, here is Sebastian the Crab with my favoritest song from Disney. *evil grin* I almost posted the Japanese version....I miss you Tebian!

Monday, October 8, 2012

To My Homies!

We have lost in the past two weeks some exceptional talent in the GW2 Blog-o-sphere. Blogging can be a harsh mistress. Do I play or post? Do I play then post? Post then play whence I posted? *rubs noggin* Truly a matter to contend with.

Then there is the time factor. How to fit in blogging about something you love while trying to love the hell out of it at the same time. It is rough! Time = A fart in the wind. Get wrapped up in-game with your buddies and viola, its a quarter past one a.m. and you have to roll out at six to get to work, school, or your flaming belly dance class. And as much as I hate to admit this, age can be a factor on your game time. Us with the bad knees or poor circulation or medical conditions have to get up once and a while. Try standing up after a two hour gaming session when you have a bum knee.....iiiieeeeeee!

Our dear Aly Cat and Zonian both have decided to close their blogs, and we will all miss their posts and great personalities! Don't be a stranger. There will always be a place for you guys to share your GW2 stories! Right here *grin* As long as you don't mind the occasional stray moa running amok. Hit me up and in the meantime: This is for you!

Because what says you were awesome more so than a fricking pan flute?? Seriously!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mad King Commeth

Bring your candy bags! The Mad King will be back in Tyria soon. Time to limber up those muscles and /pickme fingers! Be prepared to roflm and punny jokes. Rally to get hammered on holiday booze. Here is the teaser pic!

I wonder how much they paid for the fog machine?

This post Here says that more intel is on the way!

My jokes *giggle*

Tweets Top / All / People you follow

What has changed the most in 250 years? You all got uglier!
How can you tell your salad is too raw? It tries to run away!
What do you call a short lawyer? An A-sue-ra 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


There is no way someone will sell me a dye for 7 copper. Or so I thought. Last night after clearing Metrica Province with my Aknia I had about 47 silver. Since my experiment the night before with buying mini pets for the low low worked well, I decided on the fly to try for the common dyes for Sia. OOoooh. Buy Orders rock! At first I priced mine at the same top offer listed, but then started to one-up the bids by a copper.

Huh? Really? I got over 62 dyes last night and for coppers on the silver. I swear! Go try it out, place some orders, and watch the madness that is the Trading Post come alive for you.

Project: Dye-Orders
Time: 2 Hours
Goal: Lookin Fly
Success: How the hell am I going to use all of this dye?


Moss Dye - Common
Sell Price : 38 Copper
Highest Buy Order: 9 Copper
My Buy Order: 10 Copper
Time on Return: Less than 10 mins.
Longest Time on Return: 8 hours

If you are all looking for ideas on how to dye your armors: Guru has a great screenshot section Here!
Also the color of this jacket is Hot Pink, trim in Antique Gold, and the hat is Red. Just in case you were wanting to recreate Fly Guy! Gold fish platform shoes are alas unavailable at this time....Common A-net you know you wanna add those to the Gem Store!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The competitions are on! Gw2 is putting on a contest Here. Dioramas are fun to do. You pick a theme, you pick a medium, and you get to work. Here are some fun ideas, because sometimes brainstorming is the hardest thing to do, and to be honest, I don't think I will have the time to make one this year. But if anyone wants to use these ideas, feel 100% free to! And I wish all who try the very best of luck....and candy!

Mad King Thorn
Cemeteries in Gw2
Ghosts in Ascalon trick or treaters
Midnight Services on Haunted Hill
The Surprise in the Chest
Pumpkin Chunkin ala Gw2
Quaggon Goes Candy OOOoooooo
Minions on Parade
Cubs VS Candy
Scary Charr Mom frightens candy givers

Play dough
Pop-up Book style
Paper Mache
Reclaimed items

Monday, October 1, 2012

To Chase or Not to Chase

Rosie chasing after a tennis ball has nothing on me chasing titles. Title hound? Me?? Nooooo....*stuffs lists and lists and more lists under the bed*

But there is a unique problem to chasing goals, you reach them. In Gw1, the vast amount of stuff to do was hemmed in by the amount of time required to get them. My best-est friend in the whole world set the Kurzick title as what she really really wanted to do in-game. A whopping 10 million faction. Yikes! It took her over a year to do. Not because she was lazy, but that was the amount of time it took a hard-working, life outside of game player to finish.

In Gw2, there are dozens of titles, but the PvE ones seem kinda bland maybe? I know I know, they took out the grind and for the most part that makes me want to dance a jig on a siamoth, but where does that leave players who finish the PvE stuff? Rolling alts I get. It is fun to go and learn and do via different methods. Dabbling in Wubs and sPvP wont appeal to everyone. So what does an alt-aholic do when all the titles are maxed, and the armor is purchased, and you are farting rainbows through epic proportions of Orrian dead??

I would say maxing out your crafting professions, but at the moment that is hardly a challenge. Seriously. I did that with only a gold to my name and got to almost level 300. That will change I am sure as prices and supply equalize.

How about getting all of the Legendary? Let me put it this way. Those are epically insane to get. At least right now. I can see getting one maybe two for Sia and letting the rest of my gals languish in not-so-cool hell. As much as I love doing stuffs, and rat-packing, that task is a bit daunting even for me...

Now I am most likely balking at nothing, being as I am such an old hand at GW2, I mean it has been a month released, surely I have seen everything there is to see right?? Nothing can surprise me at this point right? *sprinkle that last with salt peoples*

Well goals or no goals, I has a plan for the eventual boredom of the game: Grab some friends, hit the highway, and watch charr catapult cows. Yep. Anyone here good at algebra? I need the formula for a 425lb cow launched from a wooden catapult and the velocity of 15 FPS, adjusting for server load and capacity. *grin*

Where do you see yourself in-game in a year? Two years? 8 years?

Why being chased by cows, of course!

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Thank you everyone who gave me such great advice! My Wubs was a bit slow and *blushes* 1fps is not the best way to pvp. I really really really need a new router.... But I persisted, and dug deep and viola! *happydance*

You guys rock!!
Hahahahahahhahaaaaa! That made my month right there!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sia Does Crafting

Ohh yeah! Adding a new link this morning peeps. GW2WIZ . With his most excellent Leatherworking guide. Sia went from 0 to 294 in just under 3 hours. *sighs* I think I am in love..<3
Proof...I has a proof and I am not afraid to use it!!
There were some hiccups, but not with the guide. When I go to put quantities into the TP to buy stuff, it will not register the numbers that I type... I would select the how many field, and put in 12, but only the 1 or the 2 would show, causing the coinage to be shown correctly for what I wanted to buy but only send me one or two items. *scratches head* You know there may be a better way to explain that.....damn you brain, you should work better!

I tried to dabble in cooking at first, sans excellent guide, and failed to the point I was totally lost. There were some very helpful links that I found, but alas, my butt was stuck in LA because if you zone while trying for the survivor thingie, you lose your progress. Be prepared if you want to do crafting to get that, it was super fun, but I sure didn't think things through before I jumped into the shark tank. But press on I did! With me playing all toons just about equally, I have a monstrous supply of cooking materials. So with the determination of a homeless hooker raiding a spam factory, my cooking reached new heights!
Yep! 113! I feel like Gordon Ramsey!
So now, on Sunday, I has a mission. It may be mission impossible. I will enter the realm of Wubs, I will try to convince invaders that yes I really want to kill you please, so could you just stand there and let me spam my attack at you? I promise to be very gentle when I tea-bag your corpse. * I have learned some very very bad habits from playing Battlefield 1943 with my hunny!*

Here is to the MONTHLY! May you go smoothly down like a good shot of whiskey, be completed with the swiftness of undies flying onstage at a concert, and be a bit easier to chew next month! *Cheers*

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Monthly Ooops

100,000 experience, 36 Wubs kills, and roughly 120ish salvages remain until I get my monthly achievement. Holy cow on a launcher, batman! *speaking of, why the hell is that not an achievement? I would stand there all day if needs be to get that one* How the heck can I get all of these done in a night? 

As most of you know the weekends here at Trippin Tyria are quiet. I go to my hunny's to get snuggles but his interwebs out there are just horrid. Barely enough 3G to run my IPhone, much less play any kind of meaningful online game. So I have tonight and some of Sunday to pound this out.

For the experience, I was thinking of taking one of my crafting professions to level 400. That requires planning and a very very very good day on the TP. *crosses fingers* It may not take getting to max level to get the 100k. Will sooo keep everyone informed on this. 

The Wubs? *sigh* Buckle up, buttercups! Sia will enter the fray once more. This time with more knowledge and some fine kiting skills!

Salvages? You know, that should be easy...but I never liked salvaging in GW. It seemed silly to destroy a perfectly good weapon or piece of armor just to get a scrap of wood or cloth. That may be the cheapskate in me. So I will buckle down, buy some of that wonderful 2 copper items in the TP and rip away.

Anyone else missing stuff for their monthly? 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Speed buffs...ooohh yeah. Speed buffs with a winged pet...epic. Speed buffs with winged pet, flying mini and the warhorn skill that calls birds? Yeah I feel like this:

Poor little squishies.....

And this just because the anime is just chuck full of awesome!~


There comes a time when I make a mistake. I have made a huge one. When I read blogs it is for the intent of broadening my knowledge-base and for the love of GW2. I don't even have the add thingie turned on because this blog is fun! It is a place where I can come out of my weird closet and share my thoughts and feeling with people who, like me, just love to talk and play GW2.

About a month or so ago, I ran across a blog - Guild Wars 2 Riches - and promptly signed up for the email option, added it to my blog roll, and gave it some *at the time* well deserved kudos. It had everything. Good intel on the TP, great user guides, and an informed blogger and host.

Then I went and looked at the sister site*edit- After asking the owner of GW2TP they refute the sister site moniker -- edit 2 there is a site www.guildwars2tradingpost.org that IS the sister site. The .com is ok.* - Guild Wars 2 Trading Post - and came across an interesting article. Here. Take a good long read at this: SHENANIGANS!

I am so sorry my friends. It is possible that if you followed my ill advised comments about following this *sigh* blogger, that your email account addresses could be sold. *bows deeply* I had no clue as to any of this until this morning. And I have put a post on his stickied guru thread. Here is the LINK. *edit still no reply as of 10am I posted the last comment i will post in that thread. Don't want to give out publicity, i just want to make sure the fans are informed.*

As of 9am I am still waiting for a reply. Please dude get back to me. Tell me that this is just a prank. Tell me that you didn't USE the community that loves this game and the people who play it. Just to get 8,000. Which by the way is not nearly enough. Pride, courtesy, and honor. Those are the things you put up for sale. Hell I even downloaded your pod casts. Which were good.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not above folks making a living. But you don't use people in this way. We are not your sells gimmick. We are not fodder for gold selling, spamming, account stealing asshats whom buy intel from people like you.

Explain how I can still support you and your site? Explain how I tell my friends online and in RL how I have potentially put their information into the hands of the bad guys? Because right now I feel like I should be wrapped in a trench coat with stolen watches dangling out the inside pockets.

To my readers: I am very very very sorry....*bows head in shame* If anyone needs any help to unsubscribe or anything please comment. Anything that is in my power to do to protect you all, I will do!

Be My Exterminator

Dear John Programmer:

Recently I have been plagued with bugs in your wonderful game. Yesterday you squished them, well, like this:

Thank you for being my John Goodman!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Metrica Province. A lush semi-mountainous region; with deep caves, plunging waterfalls, and valleys of swampy goodness. The hylek and skritt make for humorous foes and npc's. I dare you to whisper the word shiny anywhere near the vicinity of the Anthill....double dog dare you.

And yet my explorations are not complete. With both my Ranger Extraordinaire and my Ripley Flamethrower Engineer, I have yet to hit that wonderful 100% completion chest for this lovely area. Whats the hold up? Ohh I am so glad you asked!
Come on Anet, you are killing me!
Bugs, thar be bugs in the skill points *arrrrgggggghhhhh* Long creepy slimy ones around the skill points in Metrica Province, where I am trying to get all my gals through. Queensdale and Plains of Ashford were cakewalks compared to this starter area. You have a few skills points that will reload if you refresh the area. Those are ok because I don't mind waiting a bit. But there are some that are just fubared. The outer complex one gives you the dialogue but no baddie to slay. And that is where I am stuck. 97% and waiting on the guys at Arenanet to have the time to fix them.

Anyone have a cattle prod handy??

Monday, September 24, 2012


In lieu of a timely post this morning I gift to you my WIP Halloween costume:

Based on the manga Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. I am a cross between an Anbu Black Ops ninja and a regular everyday Konohagakure ninja. Still need to find a headband, some shoes that arn't flip-flops and some really good hairspray. ANIME HAIR HO!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fail Jumping

Goemm's Laboratory = 24 hours of cursing, head banging, finger fatiguing, vertigo inducing madness. Sia was the first to stumble on this epic frustration fest. While I love love love to explore, this time my travels landed me in platform hell.

To get there is a pain. The little floaty stone steps are deceiving in their apparent simplicity. Then they decide to put these little steps over a drop that if you camera down is just wrong in a great way. Whom ever created this tiny bit of player hell has my full support if they want to join a nut farm. The little chest at the beginning of the true puzzle just kudos you crazy programmer you!

Then there are three levels of elemental purgatory. Windy, Stormy, and Chilly. Really? The next time I go exploring I am going to order my toon a LandsEnd jacket... I just could not do it with Sia. I tried and tried and tried. Screamed "Move your gimpy ass!" and would have chucked my controller but this dang lap top isn't paid off yet. Maybe next time.

So I rethought my plan of pain. Why do it with my ranger when my good ole engineer has a nifty rifle skill. 5 button all the way. Which was the plan. Alas combined with my sheer eye-crossing frustration and a dip in my interwebs connectivity that conspired to give me 4 yes 4 fps for the duration of the first two hours trying with Leopa, my rather loud disbelief at fail jumping again roused the house and the neighborhood. We may have had rubber-neckers outside of my window thinking I was giving my hunny hell....

In the end, I conquered the course. As I told my guild last night, after they said that they would have given up already, it was like my honor was at stake as a gamer and I will get this done! I did it....but not without some serious help. When you fall you can die and a flat ton of folks helped several times to rez me. To those who showed me the shortcuts and proved that jumps I though impossible were in fact just a matter of concentration and trust, thank you sooo much! It is easier to go on when you can see others achieving your goal.
In order from left to right:, Uptownsage, my Leopa, slightly front Stejje, and Sakaiya.

After the 'turns you into moa' battle at the final stage, I took this screenshot of the very awesome players that helped me through the last bit of my journey. Well played to you all! And for the love of the six, bring some snacks and a good speed buff when you try some of these epicly trying yet cool factor achieved inducing puzzles of ohhhh hell naw!

Ps: I will admit to having fun after it was all said and done. Sometimes it is the things that you have to push yourself toward, the things you have to struggle over that gives you the best sense of accomplishment and a bit of yep I AM THE MASTER MUHAHAHAHAHA!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Ohh my pretties! You fall from the rear ends of deer, hidden in the leaves of potato plants, and stuffed into random sacks of junk. Finding you is like finding a 20 bill stashed away in a forgotten pair of winter pants.

You let me know if I have already collected you. You turn my armor and town clothes into something that would be flamed on the red carpet, yet I love you with all of my three-year-old, loves to color heart!

A status symbol, yet almost no one can guess your real name. You shift tones as fast as a torch lighting or a cloud blowing across the moon. Ever changing. No where near all collected. I only wish that I could get some backup....

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sia Does sPvP

There are way too many button for my hamfasted fingers....how the heck does anyone make sense of the control scheme? The re-mapping functions work, but alas the config that I use for PvE is just crappy for PvP.
Ok now I get the basic longbow that has DERP written on the handle? Thanks.....

Iv got tab as target closest and I had to turn off the double tap direction to dodge. *blushes* Thank you vistas for choosing that option for me. Camera is set to the side mousey. While I also use the mousey to click the f1-f4 skills because my stupid computer has those buttons defaulted to stupid stuff like help and play and brightness....*gag*

I did get to level 5 Rabbit! A few hours and some cool karma stuffs later I can safely say that sPvP is fun! On a ranger, there is a lack of pure pownage...but that is because I do think I am doing something wrong. The doctor prescribes some serious BuildCast watching.

And some ointment for my butt....I hath been chewed upon....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jumping Plains

*light spoilers*

Hidden in the bottom pocket of the Plains of Ashford, there be a puzzle. Loreclaw Expanse. You have two routes to get to the meat and potatoes of it. Let me share a hint: For the love of the six, don't do the underwater way! Two reasons. First the slight beams of thinness are a total pain, and second it will only add to your time and misery. Hardheaded me learns slowly....

There are also painful hoops to *giggle* jump over and through. More hints! Watch the patterns. With the circles of doom, if you get lucky they go off 1 2 3 4....if not it is more like 2 1 3 4. Thanks a million to those peeps who rezzed me again and again and again as I learned that. With the flame gargoyles of death after the first one puffs the last two times, run like someone owes you rent money! The final eek ouchie is the Stair of Boulder Smash!! It will not trigger until you get into range so if your alone just haul ass. In a group? Take turns.

The rest is pretty much self explanatory. Read the journal, prepare to fight a few nasty critters, and land proper! And remember it ain't over till the green circle sings.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fire is Best...

Botters! Botters in our game, killing our rats! In the Plains of Ascalon there be a trio of, I won't call them players, asshats that stand in one spot all the live long day. They are on constant auto-attack and they are reaping in the rewards of the fairly common DE that spawns there.

Tips: How to spot assholes botting.

1: Does the *sigh* avatar just stand in one place all the time spamming attacks? BOTTER!
2: Do they stay there all fricking day? BOTTER!
3: Do they refuse to communicate in any channel or by mail? BOTTER!
4: Are regular moving happy players trying to tea-bag said avatar? BOTTER!

How to do your patriotic duty:

Step one: Wait till you have eaten a big slice of lemon and spit vigorously in their general direction. *would have suggested something much much cruder, but I am saving the best for last..*

Step Two: Add the jack-ass/es to your contacts list. This makes it easier to report them.

Step Three: Select said parasite and right click the name. Report them for everything. One at a time. There are 5 channels of reporting. Spamming, Botting, Scamming, Inappropriate Name, and I think Verbal Abuse.

Step Four: Find a close veteran mob and kite to the site.....Watch the antics!

Step Five: Find a Mesmer with tons of time on their hands and watch them drop botters from a ridiculous height!

Step Six: Stack logs of wood at the avatar feet. Pour on some flame thrower fuel. Light and BBQ some tasty treats over their dead corpses. *packs picnic blanket and candles....we keep our slaughter classy!*


Your welcome. That is all.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Troll's End is a jumping puzzle in LA. *slight spoilers ahead*

Take a smidgen of troll add a pinch of strawberries and a glaze of aggravation and you get the Troll's End jumping puzzle. My asuran pal Bree and I went hunting for JP's after a quick conversation about how hard the pirate puzzle was. I had already completed Urmaug's Secret and found it quick and fun so I hog-tied my friend and away we went.

The right click party thingy actually worked when I was spawned in the overflow and needed to join friend. *yay!* About a half hour later, we had finished it and I was all like."Hey! There is another one in here somewhere lets find it!" *next time if I suggest something just take it on faith that I am leading you into either mortal danger or a cluster screw of epic proportions...trust me* So a quick look at Hunter's Guide and off we went again.

First: Holy Well of Barracuda Batman! The fish says in a creepy I own you sorta way, "I have everything you need...."

Second: The Adventurer is a trap. You see the fallen human and are like ooohhh the beginning must be around here somewhere. Right? No. Nonononononono...no. Time trap activate!

Third: If you have to fall any distance and there is a glowy light that obstructs your vision, well too bad buttercup. You have to fall just right. On a pin-head. Thanks for putting a blinding, spot inducing, night vision ruinous spotlight in the middle of my jumps.

Forth: It isn't over until you open the chest. My buddy? Yeah he got uber stuck between a rock and a forge-place. Literally. Alas he had to go run the whole shebang over again. I don't mind the aggravation of trying hard, I don't even mind the gnashing of teeth to stop screaming when I miss a jump that is so easy a blindfolded turkey could do it. I DO mind, however, if you get right to the end of an hour or so long puzzle and get jipped two jumps from the goal without a way to get back without having to run it again.

Fifth: When you actually do it and get the little green circle of OMG YES! and a chest the feeling is pimp. Most of the time the views are exquisite, the rewards are nicely leveled to you, and you just feel great!

Monday, September 10, 2012

How Copper Rolled My Necro & Thief

I am one of those weird completionist people. Finding the nooks and crannies of places pleases me to no end. With GW2 they cater to my special brand of crazy by giving map completion, daily achievements, and jumping puzzles spattered liberally across the world. What is a girl to do but chase after the nice shinny treasure chests??

To begin my journey through Tyria I made it my first priority to 100% the city maps. Whoohoo boy was that fun or what? My favorite vista has to be the one in the Grove, where you look at the center of the Pale Tree with all the pretty flowers and twisty stuffs. The hardest vista would have to be the first one I tried in Divinity's Reach at the shrine of Melandru. It was brutal...an hour and a half spent on that, and I can now do it on the fly! *pleased me is pleased*

After that I had a decision to make. Do I rush through the game? Do I pound through content and get to the Big Bad as soon as possible? Join the zerg as it ravages the new world? Or do I follow a separate path? Do I learn each area like the back of my paw? Do I take the time to baby each of my toons into every area and just absorb the atmosphere?

Yeah....FIND ALL THE THINGS! *huzzah*

There is a pretty cool side effect of doing so. By the time I had Queensdale 100% with all five of my babies, I had read this article over at In An Age. *which has now been added to my blog roll with sauce!* I can't explain why this worked, but I can tell you it worked!

For me this plan is perfect:

I am taking my time exploring with all of my toons: Hence more copper mining!

I am harvesting everything that shines on my mini map: Hence more copper mining!

I am putting my crafting on hold: To say I am being lazy is not correct..I am merely waiting for the proper time to spike my crafting. I could be hoarding all of the things but I am quickly running out of room for even the normal drops that I am trying to squirrel away: Hence more copper for selling!

Deposit All The Collectibles!!

I am now selling all the things *except dye*: Yep greens stay with me because they are level appropriate for the moment. I have started on Ascalon so I may need to bump up my gear via the TP if I level some more. But you would be surprised at how much coin you can stash away from just selling everything.

In the past week of playing *as of last night* I have earned enough in-game gold to buy not one but TWO character slots for my account!! Thank you In An Age! *psst....LOVE YOUR BLOG!!*

I have wondered a bit if this could possibly be an exploit...then really thought it through. I am only getting nodes that I find during normal exploration. I don't overflow to normal server hop. I am selling the materials over the TP at the ummm post at bottom pricing thingie. I am not scamming or using any other means to do this than really fine tooth combing the land and selling whist the selling is golden. So yeah. I am feeling pretty dang good with my self right now. That is not to say I wont be buying gems with cash! As soon as they get the gem cards out in stores *I currently do not have a debit card...those things are evil sneaky tricksy things* I am going to be buying one to two $20.00 cards a week. Not because I can't earn gems in-game, but because I want to support what has to be the greatest game I have ever played!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Vanity Sin

Yep another one of these. Meet Siadina! My baby, my alter ego, my dress up doll and purveyor of my in-game glory and fame:
At last the Dryad bow is MINE! *Muahhahahhahahah*
Please please please give us the option to dye our undies! Yellow is nice but purple is better. 
Heritage armor is Pimp!
Town clothes. The top is in Orchard and Pine, the skirt is Shy Violet.  The expression is all haughty!