Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Fun Fun Fun Fun!

Here are some pics of my goofing off this weekend. The decor in LA is just sweet! My favorite event so far has to be the Bell Choir. Though a touch laggy, once you have the melody, you can keep playing. It takes some skill, but once you get it, it is just ding-tastic!

Scotty and me trying out outfit dye combos. Don't he look just all bashful?

Riding the Pink Turkey


Wonder how they got a snow storm in the cities? UFO's!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Days of Winter Fashions!

All hail the Lords and Ladies of GW2 fashions! For the next week till Christmas, we will have a spotlight of a player who rockets Wintersday fashion to new heights. If it is regular armor or costumes, creative bell playing or epic tomfoolery, If you are on Isle of Janthir, be on your toes. I am looking. And I will catch you doing something cute. Be Warned.

Everyone meet Cha Lunar Valentine. Her sylvari is sporting the Light Exotic crafter armor in Scarlet, Viridian, and White. How fricking sweet is this look?

Love love love love this look! The red and white hair, the attention to faboulousness! What is your best holiday look?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Jumping Sea-Legs

I have no clue what is wrong with me. I am completing jumping puzzles......with only dying once or twice. These are not baby puzzles either, and I am also not alone. The guild I am in *shameless plug for the awesome peeps of AGE!* is too cool for words.

The not so bumpy ride was the Hidden Garden. Here are some screenshots of me not sucking. *Still laying up tequila for the snow one. I just know it is going to have conditions...dammit...*

These mushrooms...omg If I only had a skillet big enough...

Mad mad mad mad madness, four different puzzles and I did em all in one night. Yeeeeeaaaahhhhh!

Frosty at the end of the Pirate puzzle in La. Me chillin like a boss.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wintersday Showdown

Ohh my stars! Did you all catch the fabulous costumes in this video? It looks like someone raided a romance novel! *swoon* The long skirts and the fur collars are just sweet! The menswear is just dapper! Whoever did these, KUDOS! They are just wonderful!

*edit* I just had to show you! I took this screen from my IPhone, so the blurriness is all mine.

Check out the debonair ladies cap, it looks like they added hair, so no more baldness going on there. The corseted top with the fur shoulders are just divine, and the double layered skirt is just sooo sick...

They actually did the men a good service as well. A triple vested button down with a smart tie, fitted waistcoat, but they still had to add the man skirt. What is wrong with showing a bit of man-leg? Wrangler made a whole campaign on men butts, why are there so little options for the guys to show there stuff? I am so loving the fur shoulders on the guys outfit as well. And the cap! A cross between a bikers hat and a beret. I envy you guys that hat!

Ohh yes! Anet take my money! What a lovely set of costumes for the holidays!

I also noticed the crazy ass jumping puzzle they have set for us. It will be an epic showdown for me, as I will not quit until I get it. *I am also laying out shots of tequila, so joining me on teamspeak should be a treat.*

Take a look and grab your Santa hats peoples, Wintersday is Coming!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Playing With TP

You fickle, frustratingly fun thing you! Yes you, I am looking at you Black Lion Trading Co. You tempt me with mad gold, parading it around in front of my poor poor self. Dangling the temptation to play with you. You are my ultimate carrot, but the stick you are attached to is covered in barbed-wire and electrodes.

Yet, I still come crawling back, like a scalded scritt, to open your delicious tabs for some more slices of humble pie.

I took my little bit of saving the other day and rolled them into dyes. My sister, damn her lucky ass hide, got 6 Abyss dyes and a bunch of gold. I was all like "Ohhhh, I can do that too!"

I was wrong, so very very wrong. See there is this thing in normal people that say STOP. I am lacking that thing. That thing is so borked. So I had 39 gold. Now I am a broke peasant to my sisters Rollin in the Dough' lady. *evil glare* I totally blame her. Yep.

Also LMAO, I forgot I had this! Which makes the title of this post true two ways. It also proves that I am 12 at heart, or it may be that I spend way too much time with my little nephews....

Pawsha lamented the lack of a public sand box. But in true cat fashion decided that the statue was now hers..

Monday, November 26, 2012

Chests, Chests, Chests!

The Rdm thingie going on in the holiday and speciality themed chests is killin me. Killin me! For Halloween this was me:

"Yay! Chests!"
*buy keys*
"I am so gonna get something great! Chainsaw Greatsword HO!"
*opens chest*
"Well it did say a chance."
*opens 24 more chests*
"Maybe I am just unlucky...I will try one more time tomorrow."
*goes to store and buys another gem card*
*Opens 5 more.*
"Why you sons of bitches! Gimmie my Blasted zombie risen slaying ChainsawBlade!!*
*Reads the forums.*
*takes a deep breath*
*throws epic fit that wakes the dogs, sends my family scurrying for 'home invasion' weapons, and nearly costs me a computer*

For the so short, I didn't get a chance to play, Lost Shores:

"Yay? More chests??*
*I will not get upset, I will not get upset, I will not get upset*
"250 for a special chest? Not too shabby."
*buys a chest*
"Here we go!"
*Opens chest*
*gets a damn papaya*
"Well you must not want my money that badly, A-net."

So I have come to the conclusion that chests and the goodies they put into them are not for me. Nope.

They hang the meat of the chests over a pit of flowing lava and spikes. The piteous cries of the minis trapped inside tug at the heartstrings, but alas they will have to rot in there. Because, when all is said and done, I refuse to give them my hard earned money for crap. I have bills for that...

Monday, November 19, 2012

Morgan's Spiral Spanked!

I did that! In one go! *happynakiesdance*

I had watched the guide on Dulfy.net here. It was like watching a beautiful butterfly float along the most dangerous of paths. Graceful and bad ass all in one! They have some great guides and awesome awesome weapon galleries.

Also added Dulfy.net to the blog roll! *grin*

Here is my victory pose:
Bad Ass Bitch! Whoohooooohooooo!