Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Wintersday Showdown

Ohh my stars! Did you all catch the fabulous costumes in this video? It looks like someone raided a romance novel! *swoon* The long skirts and the fur collars are just sweet! The menswear is just dapper! Whoever did these, KUDOS! They are just wonderful!

*edit* I just had to show you! I took this screen from my IPhone, so the blurriness is all mine.

Check out the debonair ladies cap, it looks like they added hair, so no more baldness going on there. The corseted top with the fur shoulders are just divine, and the double layered skirt is just sooo sick...

They actually did the men a good service as well. A triple vested button down with a smart tie, fitted waistcoat, but they still had to add the man skirt. What is wrong with showing a bit of man-leg? Wrangler made a whole campaign on men butts, why are there so little options for the guys to show there stuff? I am so loving the fur shoulders on the guys outfit as well. And the cap! A cross between a bikers hat and a beret. I envy you guys that hat!

Ohh yes! Anet take my money! What a lovely set of costumes for the holidays!

I also noticed the crazy ass jumping puzzle they have set for us. It will be an epic showdown for me, as I will not quit until I get it. *I am also laying out shots of tequila, so joining me on teamspeak should be a treat.*

Take a look and grab your Santa hats peoples, Wintersday is Coming!


  1. Okay. This is why I store up on gems - daper costumes. My Asuran will be decked to the nines this holiday season. Thanks for posting the video.

    1. No worries! I likes to share. And you need to post pics of your Asura when you get it. Too Cute!