Friday, August 31, 2012

Don't Forget the Fam

How many of us just totally zoned this week and pushed the family to the side for launch? *raises both arms*
I am currently at me Hunny's sans interwebs and GW2. The game is fantastic and I adore it to no end...but it's hard to get hugs whilst wrapped around a computer.
So public notice #1 spend time with the loved ones, for hugs and stuffs!!
*and possibly madz loots!*

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vista Shot

Just like it says, here are some vista screenshots. So sorry they are not in HD...I am still trying to figure out how to do that *derp*

The cemetery in DR. The gravestones are a mix of awwe and sniffle.
I want to get to that top spire! All previous attempts have ended badly..
Melandru's vista....this on is the one that took me over an hour to do. Ie- My favorite one now!
Dudes! There be a pirate down there! *hint* Take a freaking torch!!!!
Bridges and Boats and Booze....a deadly combo. Please imbibe safely away from long drops. 
Those are ice sculptures. Too cold for me *shiver*
Yeah if that is a stuffed bear head on that building I am sooo not going hunting in the Shiverpeaks.
The Grove moon set with Sia

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Heritage Pretty!

Basic armor is basic. Loot armor is bland. Karma armor is sweet.

Heritage Armor = *squee* Did you see how frickin' pretty this set is in Light? Lookit O.O!
Luzula my Sylvari Mesmer

The dye combo is Antique Gold, Orchard, and Matte. This set is worth every red dot, aggravating disappearing vanquish mob, running missions till my eyes bleed, and rat packing mats for months. Thank you Arenanet!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

LMAO This Happened!

I was trying a Vista in Lions Arch. This asuran gentleman was also trying. He asked me for a boost so I said "of course" and knelt.

Screen shot baby!
ps I really suck at screen shots I missed Dedish *pout*

One Bronze

There are multiple things you have to do to fully explore a city. Points of Interest, Way points, and Vistas litter maps like a crack head hiding Easter eggs. The bigger the city the more spread out these points are. I made it my mission for my first 3 days to 100% every city with each of my toons. Here are the rewards:

90 Basic Transmutation Stones
Enough experience to get every toon to level 9. *minus the exp from the tutorials*
And a grand total of 30 bronze coins...

Total of 30 bronze coins....That is 1 bronze apiece for each city via each of my toons. *sigh* Lets put it another way: If I went out to eat and put a bright shinny penny on the table as a tip, how do you think the service from that server will be the next time I go in to eat? Yeah.

Come on least put a few more jingle bits in my chest? I don't want you to drain the coffers, but *holds out beggars cup* Alms! Alms for the sore! I took me an hour and a half to do the Melandru's shrine vista! My fingers feel like they are going to fall off and I have a pressure blister on my right wrist.

I am loving the game, I love the vistas, I love love love the challenge of exploring. The rewards? Not so much. I feel like mailing you back your bronze with this loverly note:

Dear Tyrian Chamber of Commerce:

I had a lovely time visiting your cities, however the wear and tear on my armor, *from multiple falls off of poorly placed bridges, enticing but hard to reach vistas, and balconies without proper safety railings* which had to be repaired at a cost of 62 bronze coins, lacks a special place of honor for the ONE BRONZE coin you mailed to me for completing the city challenge.

I am returning your coin to allow you to start construction of various safety installations that would potentially stop current and future lawsuits. Please use the vast vast wealth that I am returning to you to fix these.

And next time, please consider using KARMA as your coin of choice.

Your Ever Humble Traveler:

Sore Foot Siadina
One Bronze Coin

Monday, August 27, 2012

My List for You...

I wonder if the name TrashcanMan has already been taken...

Anywhoo! Here is a list of all the dyes and mini pets divided by rarity. It is nothing fancy but feel free to edit it to your hearts contend and print or save it for your use. Why? Because I can't be the only one wanting a list dang it all so I made one.

Out of love of my fellow OCD peeps out there; here is one less thing you have to do for yourself.

The Link
Dye & Mini List

For you viewing pleasure:

P.s. Did anyone else get a Ele and cast fire into trees to see if they would catch?

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Touch Me

Yep you can get in touch with me ingame via Siadina.1047
Give me a hollar about how your liking the game so far!

Here lemmie fixins this list:

In-Game - Siadina.1047
Skype - siadina7
Twitter - @Siadina

There we go! Talk to me, chat with me, holler over the way. I don't bite...hard.....mostly *grin*

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The One Rule to Rule Them All

Creating guild rules is hard. A part of me wants to google Guild Rules for Dummies. I do know what I want on there but below is the list....I think it needs some serious editing....

Rule 1 - Thou shall not be a dick. 

Rule 2 - Share bitches.

Rule 3 - I am leader not your on-call do girl. 

Rule 4 - No racists, supremacists, pessimists *you get a bad day a month. Use it wisely*, no beggars, in chat fornicators, 733t 39ic wtf typists, and animal cage fighters.

Rule 5 - Must bring a sense of humor, good gear, team and fair play, common sense and courtesy to all guild functions and chat. *please note that cussing after 9 pm is legal. Once the kiddos get off of all chat it is on like Donkey Kong.*

Rule 6 - Talk. We have a skype channel, a mumble server, my cell and im's are posted on the guild page. If you have a problem, Yo I'll solve it. Check out the wiki, while we all work on it!

Rule 7 - You can be a member of any guild you want to, but the same rules will apply to every guild you are in. If I hear or see evidence of you being a dick on another team/guild/person/pet we will either work with you to try to get it fixed, or after three infractions your out. 

Rule 8 - Play the game. Inactive players after a month will be kicked. By a Norn with combat boots and a six pack of Asuran Ale. 

Rule 9 - Have fun. Picking at your buds online can be funny as long as it is know by both you and the pickee that it is just fun. Bullying, harassment, girl bashing, boy bashing, yelling, shouting, and being a troll are not cool and after three infractions your out. 

Rule 10 - I am not omnipotent. I will make mistakes. When this happens tell me. I wont kill the messenger. I will get better and be a better leader if you all say something when you notice that 1- either I have broken a rule 2- I make a grievous error in game 3- I am doing or saying something that you don't like. This can be fixed. 

Rule 11 - We are a casual pve guild. A place where you can make friends and work on your game in a happy friendly environment. Pvp will be at your own discretion. But the same rules apply to pvp as they do to our pve. 

Rule 12 - My officer appointments will be based on skill and ability. There are friends that I have played with for years that have already showed me their perseverance and personalty. To say that you new people have a long way to go in this regard is not an insult, but honesty. That does not mean that if any officers are caught breaking the rules that I will be preferential. Quite the opposite. Officers have only two infractions before they are demoted to members, where their next infraction will mean a kick from the guild. 

Rule 13 - Trade sniping will not be tolerated. If you know that our peeps are working on certain items to sell, and then you under trade them, it is an automatic kick. *accidents will happen, this must be a proven attempt to screw over a guild mate*

Rule 14 - The guild storage is for the benefit of the guild as a whole. When you add items it is with the express knowledge that you are putting those items up for your team members to use if they need them. Removing items will be a simple matter of sending me or an online officer a pm/letter/text for permission to withdraw those items. Don't ask three times and your kicked. If you join us and work your way up to officer just to clean our clocks, trust me when I say that vengeance shall be ours. 

Rule 15 - There will be stuff that these rules don't cover. It will be at my discretion to to rule in these matters. 

Charr Call

Are we all in a mind about how bad ass we want our charr toons to look? Visions of the mighty King of the Jungle or the fastest animal on the planet whipping through our thoughts at character creation? Epic recreations of the most fiercest battle cat known to your inner beast?

I have tried to get what is inside my head to correlate on the screen.....It did not end well....
*guffaawww* I think *snortgiggle* that I will name her Pugsly...*guffhahahahahaha*

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

90's Dancing fever!

Omg omg omg...

This is a story all about how
My jive got flipped - turned awesome now!
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there..
And tell you how I got owned
By a Norn chick called Eir!

Yes peoples... From the depths of the best of the 90's comes an epic dance. One that changed the face of pop culture on its ear....from laughing so hard. I present in all of his glory Carlton *trumpets and fanfare* of the Epic Dance!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wayfarer's Walkfest

Well that is certainly a way to jump into GW1 nostalgia. The Wayfarer's Reverie is active in-game and it is a total trip!

They take you through some of the prettiest/annoying areas in all four campaigns. Below are pictures of my jaunt into memory lane!

The floaty Wizard's Tower. Note: DO NOT hunt with minions...

I took the cowards way out and ran behind Rotscale.

For the love of.....I just that gods I didn't have to vanquish the area to get here....

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Tights Me

Ahh yes the tights, man hose, codpiece equipped man leggings! Could someone pretty pretty please roll a male and dye your items green for me?

It is my fondest wish to recreate this historical scene in GW2....who shall help me?

For those of you who want to sing along *grin* here be the lyrics:

We're men... we're men in tights
We roam around the forest looking for fights.
We're men... we're men in tights.
We rob from the rich and give to the poor, that's right.

We may look like sissys,
but watch what you say or else we'll put out your lights. (bang)

We're men... we're men in tights
always on guard defending the peoples rights.

(Can can music)
la la la la la la la la la, la la la la la la la la la...
lalalalalalala (repeat).

We're men..manly men
We're men in tights, yes (with lisp)
We roam around the forest looking for fights.
We're men, we're men in tights
We rob from the rich and give to the poor that's right.

We may look like pansies,
but don't get us wrong or else we'll put out your lights. (bang)

We're men... we're men in tights (tight tights)
Always on guard defending the peoples rights
When your in a fix just call for the men in tights.

We're butch.

My Blog and You

The game goes live in 12 days. A dozen. Not soo bad. We can wait can't we??

While we gnash our teeth in impatience, I am thinking about what to do with Trippin Tyria after live. Do I want to keep putting my random thoughts up here for everyone to take a giggle at? Yes, yes I do.

But what else can I do with you guys? Here is an idea, I will make a list of what could work, and you guys hit me up in the comments about which you would like to see....sound good?? Here we go!
Possible Weekly Features:

 Dressed in the Dark- Your favorite train wrecks of fashion in-game. From the hilarious to the OMG bring the eye bleach!

 NPC's Say the Darndist Things- Yep from mentions of nice codpieces to murmers of head scratching wtf did he just say? This article will bring you the best of the worst.

 Deaths-R-Us- Each week I will find new and creative ways to kill my Sia. Long drops off of mountains, stomped to death by dragons, roasted over the flames of fail courtesy of the jumping puzzles. Lets find out! 

And just because I am asking you questions and all that here is a bonus video -

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sho Nuff

Sorting through my to-read box this morning gave me a lot to think about. Did someone really dis Felicia Day over her opening the GW2 collectors edition? Really??

*sigh* I didn't want to cover this because I am the least girly girl around. Pure tomboy at heart and since I am pushing daises at almost 32 that is unlikely to change. So what do I have to chunk into the feminist movement via gaming?

Me. Yep sho nuff! *Whilst I would love for all of our troubles to be settled in a Kung-Fu throw down, that stuff is in movies because it is fantasy. Would love love love the hair style though!*

I don't get bothered about female avatars being skimpy, I actually like the Epic String Bikini of Magical Protection. I purely blame Leia Skywalker for that one...impressionable young me is impressionable.

I don't mind the sandwich kitchen jokes. Burn water? Me? Nooo?

I don't even mind the fact that in the Oblivion games my toon was hamstrung by being female. Seriously...who's bright idea was that?

What I do mind, is that when I get onto x-box live and use the game chat that 8 times out of 10 I get rude vulgar sex noises or someone calls me a cunt for sniping them across the way. I do mind the 'heya sexy mama I have a pet snake you can play with' whispered to me while trying to run a mission in GW. Gag...seriously that is the last one I got, using B/P build to run the noob island nm/bonus for folks.

And I can't wrap my head around the fact that someone threatened a woman's life just for trying to talk about the fact...FACT that there is some serious female harassment in gaming. Hiding the head up the ass seems like an ok idea for these jerks, but for the rest of us it is time we did something.

But what? Well there now is the problem. Most consoles have a built in report feature...they do not work. PC games are better at banning or disciplining offenders, but you can only smack the ban-hammer on someones head so long before your arm gives out.

While kicks and giggle can be had by many in a text or skype discussion between usually ends up with the kid *because I have a really hard time thinking that those turds -yes all male so far- are any form of adult* saying "I have a penis so I am right!"

My hunny plays with me, via console, and even though I didn't ask him to... a few words and I never get insulted again. Sexist yes, but very very effective. But I can't loan him out to everyone. Sorry peeps but he is mine.

So where does that leave the average female player? When talking back doesn't work, when standing our ground gets us ridiculed or passed off as "She's just bitchy because she bleeds once a month." Or my personal favorite: GIRLS CAN'T PLAY! Like were missing a limb or a section of brain that stops just short of playing and enjoying games....*face planet*

See what we have here is a generation of sorry. Too sorry to be polite. Too sorry to be a gentleman. Too sorry to grow up. Too sorry to realize that we are all just people. Different flavors of people yes, but as long as your not using tentacles to play well then guess what you are peoples too.

I don't know how to fix this. I do, however, know what I am going to do. If I hear this kind of crap again I will speak my mind. If I see this kind of crap again I will move to stop it. Because this kind of bullshit should have died out a long time ago...its just hard as hell to smack someone through a computer screen.....

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Plans within Plans within Plans

What is the first thing you are going to do after your roll out your toons? Me? I has a plan! I am going to make Divinity's Reach mine. Yep. Points of Interest, Vistas, Waypoints, scraping the map for cool stuff and map completion. That 100% chest..yeah it is mine.

The only thing that I noticed while reading my tookis off waiting for launch is that there are no really good layered maps of the cities. You know like the onion peel layering we get in game? Yeah. So if anyone can point me to some great resources for mappin' stuff holler....because if I can't actually map it yet pictures help!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This aspect of the Sylvari is just more awesome than Conan the Barbarian covered in kittens killing Krakens!

The pure fun of it is contagious. I even got my lazy sister to come roll a toon or two.... for some reason the yellow and orange look exceptionally epic in the daytime. The greens are deep and lucious, the whites and browns call to mind cool winter dreams *dreams because I live in south Georgia, we don't get winter here, we get a kind of mild cold front that closes the swimming pools for a month* and the deep blues and purples of midnight shadows. I may use my planned on extra toon slots to roll one of each flavor of cycle Sylvari. Why? Because they are just too cool to create!

But at night, oohh the night! Please tell me I won't be the only one sync dancing with the rave bio-glow listening to Dub-Step....

Friday, August 3, 2012

We is Crunchy

An idea stuck me this morning. What kind of nutcase was I to have a blog about a video game? Pecan if I get to choose my type...but I don't think it works that way.

I have and do read all the material I can get my eyes on about GW2. Blogs, fan sites, wikis, and videos, nothing is too common or small to be added to my knowledge of the game and its inner workings. Which brings me back to my main point today - what kind of person would spend most of their free time following a game?

I personally think we of the gamer kind are a unique bunch. No other hobby has such a wide range of classes. Whether your a pc kind of person, console gamer, hardcore achievement chaser, or a Facebook gamer: We all have one thing in common. The Game. A set of challenges to over come. A shiny new piece of  loot or armor. A challenge so hard that few master it. These are set into each and every game we play. For most of us that is enough.

But not for our brand of nut. Nooo.... we decide that our take on the game is worth sharing. We put our thoughts and feelings out there for the wide internet to judge. That takes more than courage. That takes brass balls and dancing nakies in a thunderstorm.

To all of you who share bits of your mind with the rest of us, I salute you. Nuts we may be, all of a different flavor, but our gamer community would be just a bland mix of fruit without us. Missing the crunchy tasty tidbits of other players opinions would be criminal.

So go read a new blog, hunt up some talk pages on the wiki, post a video question to the community, go out and share. Because dancing in thunderstorms nakies is always better in a group...alone you just look like a nutcase. *grin*

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ugh gahhh

Many of you know the sound of that. Iv had two weeks of Ugh gahhh.. Never fear though, I will be back in the saddle today.

And look! A-net has decided that we're gonna stress test today. *puts on armor and stretches the clicky finger*