Sunday, September 30, 2012


Thank you everyone who gave me such great advice! My Wubs was a bit slow and *blushes* 1fps is not the best way to pvp. I really really really need a new router.... But I persisted, and dug deep and viola! *happydance*

You guys rock!!
Hahahahahahhahaaaaa! That made my month right there!

Friday, September 28, 2012

Sia Does Crafting

Ohh yeah! Adding a new link this morning peeps. GW2WIZ . With his most excellent Leatherworking guide. Sia went from 0 to 294 in just under 3 hours. *sighs* I think I am in love..<3
Proof...I has a proof and I am not afraid to use it!!
There were some hiccups, but not with the guide. When I go to put quantities into the TP to buy stuff, it will not register the numbers that I type... I would select the how many field, and put in 12, but only the 1 or the 2 would show, causing the coinage to be shown correctly for what I wanted to buy but only send me one or two items. *scratches head* You know there may be a better way to explain that.....damn you brain, you should work better!

I tried to dabble in cooking at first, sans excellent guide, and failed to the point I was totally lost. There were some very helpful links that I found, but alas, my butt was stuck in LA because if you zone while trying for the survivor thingie, you lose your progress. Be prepared if you want to do crafting to get that, it was super fun, but I sure didn't think things through before I jumped into the shark tank. But press on I did! With me playing all toons just about equally, I have a monstrous supply of cooking materials. So with the determination of a homeless hooker raiding a spam factory, my cooking reached new heights!
Yep! 113! I feel like Gordon Ramsey!
So now, on Sunday, I has a mission. It may be mission impossible. I will enter the realm of Wubs, I will try to convince invaders that yes I really want to kill you please, so could you just stand there and let me spam my attack at you? I promise to be very gentle when I tea-bag your corpse. * I have learned some very very bad habits from playing Battlefield 1943 with my hunny!*

Here is to the MONTHLY! May you go smoothly down like a good shot of whiskey, be completed with the swiftness of undies flying onstage at a concert, and be a bit easier to chew next month! *Cheers*

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Monthly Ooops

100,000 experience, 36 Wubs kills, and roughly 120ish salvages remain until I get my monthly achievement. Holy cow on a launcher, batman! *speaking of, why the hell is that not an achievement? I would stand there all day if needs be to get that one* How the heck can I get all of these done in a night? 

As most of you know the weekends here at Trippin Tyria are quiet. I go to my hunny's to get snuggles but his interwebs out there are just horrid. Barely enough 3G to run my IPhone, much less play any kind of meaningful online game. So I have tonight and some of Sunday to pound this out.

For the experience, I was thinking of taking one of my crafting professions to level 400. That requires planning and a very very very good day on the TP. *crosses fingers* It may not take getting to max level to get the 100k. Will sooo keep everyone informed on this. 

The Wubs? *sigh* Buckle up, buttercups! Sia will enter the fray once more. This time with more knowledge and some fine kiting skills!

Salvages? You know, that should be easy...but I never liked salvaging in GW. It seemed silly to destroy a perfectly good weapon or piece of armor just to get a scrap of wood or cloth. That may be the cheapskate in me. So I will buckle down, buy some of that wonderful 2 copper items in the TP and rip away.

Anyone else missing stuff for their monthly? 

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Speed buffs...ooohh yeah. Speed buffs with a winged pet...epic. Speed buffs with winged pet, flying mini and the warhorn skill that calls birds? Yeah I feel like this:

Poor little squishies.....

And this just because the anime is just chuck full of awesome!~


There comes a time when I make a mistake. I have made a huge one. When I read blogs it is for the intent of broadening my knowledge-base and for the love of GW2. I don't even have the add thingie turned on because this blog is fun! It is a place where I can come out of my weird closet and share my thoughts and feeling with people who, like me, just love to talk and play GW2.

About a month or so ago, I ran across a blog - Guild Wars 2 Riches - and promptly signed up for the email option, added it to my blog roll, and gave it some *at the time* well deserved kudos. It had everything. Good intel on the TP, great user guides, and an informed blogger and host.

Then I went and looked at the sister site*edit- After asking the owner of GW2TP they refute the sister site moniker -- edit 2 there is a site that IS the sister site. The .com is ok.* - Guild Wars 2 Trading Post - and came across an interesting article. Here. Take a good long read at this: SHENANIGANS!

I am so sorry my friends. It is possible that if you followed my ill advised comments about following this *sigh* blogger, that your email account addresses could be sold. *bows deeply* I had no clue as to any of this until this morning. And I have put a post on his stickied guru thread. Here is the LINK. *edit still no reply as of 10am I posted the last comment i will post in that thread. Don't want to give out publicity, i just want to make sure the fans are informed.*

As of 9am I am still waiting for a reply. Please dude get back to me. Tell me that this is just a prank. Tell me that you didn't USE the community that loves this game and the people who play it. Just to get 8,000. Which by the way is not nearly enough. Pride, courtesy, and honor. Those are the things you put up for sale. Hell I even downloaded your pod casts. Which were good.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not above folks making a living. But you don't use people in this way. We are not your sells gimmick. We are not fodder for gold selling, spamming, account stealing asshats whom buy intel from people like you.

Explain how I can still support you and your site? Explain how I tell my friends online and in RL how I have potentially put their information into the hands of the bad guys? Because right now I feel like I should be wrapped in a trench coat with stolen watches dangling out the inside pockets.

To my readers: I am very very very sorry....*bows head in shame* If anyone needs any help to unsubscribe or anything please comment. Anything that is in my power to do to protect you all, I will do!

Be My Exterminator

Dear John Programmer:

Recently I have been plagued with bugs in your wonderful game. Yesterday you squished them, well, like this:

Thank you for being my John Goodman!


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Metrica Province. A lush semi-mountainous region; with deep caves, plunging waterfalls, and valleys of swampy goodness. The hylek and skritt make for humorous foes and npc's. I dare you to whisper the word shiny anywhere near the vicinity of the Anthill....double dog dare you.

And yet my explorations are not complete. With both my Ranger Extraordinaire and my Ripley Flamethrower Engineer, I have yet to hit that wonderful 100% completion chest for this lovely area. Whats the hold up? Ohh I am so glad you asked!
Come on Anet, you are killing me!
Bugs, thar be bugs in the skill points *arrrrgggggghhhhh* Long creepy slimy ones around the skill points in Metrica Province, where I am trying to get all my gals through. Queensdale and Plains of Ashford were cakewalks compared to this starter area. You have a few skills points that will reload if you refresh the area. Those are ok because I don't mind waiting a bit. But there are some that are just fubared. The outer complex one gives you the dialogue but no baddie to slay. And that is where I am stuck. 97% and waiting on the guys at Arenanet to have the time to fix them.

Anyone have a cattle prod handy??

Monday, September 24, 2012


In lieu of a timely post this morning I gift to you my WIP Halloween costume:

Based on the manga Naruto and Naruto Shippuden. I am a cross between an Anbu Black Ops ninja and a regular everyday Konohagakure ninja. Still need to find a headband, some shoes that arn't flip-flops and some really good hairspray. ANIME HAIR HO!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fail Jumping

Goemm's Laboratory = 24 hours of cursing, head banging, finger fatiguing, vertigo inducing madness. Sia was the first to stumble on this epic frustration fest. While I love love love to explore, this time my travels landed me in platform hell.

To get there is a pain. The little floaty stone steps are deceiving in their apparent simplicity. Then they decide to put these little steps over a drop that if you camera down is just wrong in a great way. Whom ever created this tiny bit of player hell has my full support if they want to join a nut farm. The little chest at the beginning of the true puzzle just kudos you crazy programmer you!

Then there are three levels of elemental purgatory. Windy, Stormy, and Chilly. Really? The next time I go exploring I am going to order my toon a LandsEnd jacket... I just could not do it with Sia. I tried and tried and tried. Screamed "Move your gimpy ass!" and would have chucked my controller but this dang lap top isn't paid off yet. Maybe next time.

So I rethought my plan of pain. Why do it with my ranger when my good ole engineer has a nifty rifle skill. 5 button all the way. Which was the plan. Alas combined with my sheer eye-crossing frustration and a dip in my interwebs connectivity that conspired to give me 4 yes 4 fps for the duration of the first two hours trying with Leopa, my rather loud disbelief at fail jumping again roused the house and the neighborhood. We may have had rubber-neckers outside of my window thinking I was giving my hunny hell....

In the end, I conquered the course. As I told my guild last night, after they said that they would have given up already, it was like my honor was at stake as a gamer and I will get this done! I did it....but not without some serious help. When you fall you can die and a flat ton of folks helped several times to rez me. To those who showed me the shortcuts and proved that jumps I though impossible were in fact just a matter of concentration and trust, thank you sooo much! It is easier to go on when you can see others achieving your goal.
In order from left to right:, Uptownsage, my Leopa, slightly front Stejje, and Sakaiya.

After the 'turns you into moa' battle at the final stage, I took this screenshot of the very awesome players that helped me through the last bit of my journey. Well played to you all! And for the love of the six, bring some snacks and a good speed buff when you try some of these epicly trying yet cool factor achieved inducing puzzles of ohhhh hell naw!

Ps: I will admit to having fun after it was all said and done. Sometimes it is the things that you have to push yourself toward, the things you have to struggle over that gives you the best sense of accomplishment and a bit of yep I AM THE MASTER MUHAHAHAHAHA!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Ohh my pretties! You fall from the rear ends of deer, hidden in the leaves of potato plants, and stuffed into random sacks of junk. Finding you is like finding a 20 bill stashed away in a forgotten pair of winter pants.

You let me know if I have already collected you. You turn my armor and town clothes into something that would be flamed on the red carpet, yet I love you with all of my three-year-old, loves to color heart!

A status symbol, yet almost no one can guess your real name. You shift tones as fast as a torch lighting or a cloud blowing across the moon. Ever changing. No where near all collected. I only wish that I could get some backup....

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sia Does sPvP

There are way too many button for my hamfasted the heck does anyone make sense of the control scheme? The re-mapping functions work, but alas the config that I use for PvE is just crappy for PvP.
Ok now I get the basic longbow that has DERP written on the handle? Thanks.....

Iv got tab as target closest and I had to turn off the double tap direction to dodge. *blushes* Thank you vistas for choosing that option for me. Camera is set to the side mousey. While I also use the mousey to click the f1-f4 skills because my stupid computer has those buttons defaulted to stupid stuff like help and play and brightness....*gag*

I did get to level 5 Rabbit! A few hours and some cool karma stuffs later I can safely say that sPvP is fun! On a ranger, there is a lack of pure pownage...but that is because I do think I am doing something wrong. The doctor prescribes some serious BuildCast watching.

And some ointment for my butt....I hath been chewed upon....

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Jumping Plains

*light spoilers*

Hidden in the bottom pocket of the Plains of Ashford, there be a puzzle. Loreclaw Expanse. You have two routes to get to the meat and potatoes of it. Let me share a hint: For the love of the six, don't do the underwater way! Two reasons. First the slight beams of thinness are a total pain, and second it will only add to your time and misery. Hardheaded me learns slowly....

There are also painful hoops to *giggle* jump over and through. More hints! Watch the patterns. With the circles of doom, if you get lucky they go off 1 2 3 4....if not it is more like 2 1 3 4. Thanks a million to those peeps who rezzed me again and again and again as I learned that. With the flame gargoyles of death after the first one puffs the last two times, run like someone owes you rent money! The final eek ouchie is the Stair of Boulder Smash!! It will not trigger until you get into range so if your alone just haul ass. In a group? Take turns.

The rest is pretty much self explanatory. Read the journal, prepare to fight a few nasty critters, and land proper! And remember it ain't over till the green circle sings.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fire is Best...

Botters! Botters in our game, killing our rats! In the Plains of Ascalon there be a trio of, I won't call them players, asshats that stand in one spot all the live long day. They are on constant auto-attack and they are reaping in the rewards of the fairly common DE that spawns there.

Tips: How to spot assholes botting.

1: Does the *sigh* avatar just stand in one place all the time spamming attacks? BOTTER!
2: Do they stay there all fricking day? BOTTER!
3: Do they refuse to communicate in any channel or by mail? BOTTER!
4: Are regular moving happy players trying to tea-bag said avatar? BOTTER!

How to do your patriotic duty:

Step one: Wait till you have eaten a big slice of lemon and spit vigorously in their general direction. *would have suggested something much much cruder, but I am saving the best for last..*

Step Two: Add the jack-ass/es to your contacts list. This makes it easier to report them.

Step Three: Select said parasite and right click the name. Report them for everything. One at a time. There are 5 channels of reporting. Spamming, Botting, Scamming, Inappropriate Name, and I think Verbal Abuse.

Step Four: Find a close veteran mob and kite to the site.....Watch the antics!

Step Five: Find a Mesmer with tons of time on their hands and watch them drop botters from a ridiculous height!

Step Six: Stack logs of wood at the avatar feet. Pour on some flame thrower fuel. Light and BBQ some tasty treats over their dead corpses. *packs picnic blanket and candles....we keep our slaughter classy!*


Your welcome. That is all.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Troll's End is a jumping puzzle in LA. *slight spoilers ahead*

Take a smidgen of troll add a pinch of strawberries and a glaze of aggravation and you get the Troll's End jumping puzzle. My asuran pal Bree and I went hunting for JP's after a quick conversation about how hard the pirate puzzle was. I had already completed Urmaug's Secret and found it quick and fun so I hog-tied my friend and away we went.

The right click party thingy actually worked when I was spawned in the overflow and needed to join friend. *yay!* About a half hour later, we had finished it and I was all like."Hey! There is another one in here somewhere lets find it!" *next time if I suggest something just take it on faith that I am leading you into either mortal danger or a cluster screw of epic me* So a quick look at Hunter's Guide and off we went again.

First: Holy Well of Barracuda Batman! The fish says in a creepy I own you sorta way, "I have everything you need...."

Second: The Adventurer is a trap. You see the fallen human and are like ooohhh the beginning must be around here somewhere. Right? No. Time trap activate!

Third: If you have to fall any distance and there is a glowy light that obstructs your vision, well too bad buttercup. You have to fall just right. On a pin-head. Thanks for putting a blinding, spot inducing, night vision ruinous spotlight in the middle of my jumps.

Forth: It isn't over until you open the chest. My buddy? Yeah he got uber stuck between a rock and a forge-place. Literally. Alas he had to go run the whole shebang over again. I don't mind the aggravation of trying hard, I don't even mind the gnashing of teeth to stop screaming when I miss a jump that is so easy a blindfolded turkey could do it. I DO mind, however, if you get right to the end of an hour or so long puzzle and get jipped two jumps from the goal without a way to get back without having to run it again.

Fifth: When you actually do it and get the little green circle of OMG YES! and a chest the feeling is pimp. Most of the time the views are exquisite, the rewards are nicely leveled to you, and you just feel great!

Monday, September 10, 2012

How Copper Rolled My Necro & Thief

I am one of those weird completionist people. Finding the nooks and crannies of places pleases me to no end. With GW2 they cater to my special brand of crazy by giving map completion, daily achievements, and jumping puzzles spattered liberally across the world. What is a girl to do but chase after the nice shinny treasure chests??

To begin my journey through Tyria I made it my first priority to 100% the city maps. Whoohoo boy was that fun or what? My favorite vista has to be the one in the Grove, where you look at the center of the Pale Tree with all the pretty flowers and twisty stuffs. The hardest vista would have to be the first one I tried in Divinity's Reach at the shrine of Melandru. It was hour and a half spent on that, and I can now do it on the fly! *pleased me is pleased*

After that I had a decision to make. Do I rush through the game? Do I pound through content and get to the Big Bad as soon as possible? Join the zerg as it ravages the new world? Or do I follow a separate path? Do I learn each area like the back of my paw? Do I take the time to baby each of my toons into every area and just absorb the atmosphere?

Yeah....FIND ALL THE THINGS! *huzzah*

There is a pretty cool side effect of doing so. By the time I had Queensdale 100% with all five of my babies, I had read this article over at In An Age. *which has now been added to my blog roll with sauce!* I can't explain why this worked, but I can tell you it worked!

For me this plan is perfect:

I am taking my time exploring with all of my toons: Hence more copper mining!

I am harvesting everything that shines on my mini map: Hence more copper mining!

I am putting my crafting on hold: To say I am being lazy is not correct..I am merely waiting for the proper time to spike my crafting. I could be hoarding all of the things but I am quickly running out of room for even the normal drops that I am trying to squirrel away: Hence more copper for selling!

Deposit All The Collectibles!!

I am now selling all the things *except dye*: Yep greens stay with me because they are level appropriate for the moment. I have started on Ascalon so I may need to bump up my gear via the TP if I level some more. But you would be surprised at how much coin you can stash away from just selling everything.

In the past week of playing *as of last night* I have earned enough in-game gold to buy not one but TWO character slots for my account!! Thank you In An Age! *psst....LOVE YOUR BLOG!!*

I have wondered a bit if this could possibly be an exploit...then really thought it through. I am only getting nodes that I find during normal exploration. I don't overflow to normal server hop. I am selling the materials over the TP at the ummm post at bottom pricing thingie. I am not scamming or using any other means to do this than really fine tooth combing the land and selling whist the selling is golden. So yeah. I am feeling pretty dang good with my self right now. That is not to say I wont be buying gems with cash! As soon as they get the gem cards out in stores *I currently do not have a debit card...those things are evil sneaky tricksy things* I am going to be buying one to two $20.00 cards a week. Not because I can't earn gems in-game, but because I want to support what has to be the greatest game I have ever played!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Vanity Sin

Yep another one of these. Meet Siadina! My baby, my alter ego, my dress up doll and purveyor of my in-game glory and fame:
At last the Dryad bow is MINE! *Muahhahahhahahah*
Please please please give us the option to dye our undies! Yellow is nice but purple is better. 
Heritage armor is Pimp!
Town clothes. The top is in Orchard and Pine, the skirt is Shy Violet.  The expression is all haughty!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Asuran Style

I read somewhere that the Asura are lacking in the looks good department. In my travels around Queensdale, Skyyla met the most posh, pimped out, and totally badass gentleman with long ears.

Meet Nlspellcheck! This dashing Asura puts the doubters to shame. Dyed a subtle but pleasing combo of Shy Violet and Midnight Sky, this is a look that is sure to make foes run and fans ask "where did you get that  armor?"  I actually forgot to ask.....but the hat should be pirate in-game and the rest I am ashamed to admit I don't know...*sadpanda*

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

10 of 15 Wubs Kills

I did it! I really did it! I poked my little toe into the big bad world of WvWvW and came out happy!

There was a short wait to get in on the Yaks Bend home world. I think I may have waited about 20 mins or so. Then the little pale *I call it the bar of overflow doom* popped up. I really did think it was the over flow notice until it actually read it. Nope! Borderlands HO!

There is a very helpful charr standing when you first get in. Don't mind the voice, we would all be grumpy if we had to give the "Here is how to go die" speech to every PvE bumpkin that passes through. Giving me the very same Intel, I was off to the races!

I have had visions of the enemy team dragging my poor carcass across the snowy cliffs, but surprisingly that didn't really happen. I get out from under papa Charr and poke around a bit. The armor vendors are a trip. I fix my armor boo-boos from PvE, latch upon the first little green dot I saw and boom I am killing a Doylak? Yep pack mules. You want to find the ones with different colors and whale on them until they die. I did that! *grin*

Then I see a sea of green dots. Mother of Dwayna it was the dreaded ZERG... Well call me a drake and put on the floaties because I jumped right on in. And SWAM by george!

I killed, I was killed. I rezzed, I was rezzed. I swapped out my pets like a bride trying on wedding dresses. And in the end I had 10 of 15 tier II of the monthly achievement and a healthy respect for red circles and sharks.

I want to play again. It was fun just being a minion for the Zerg. I have no clue what orbs do, why there is a timer, how to adjust my skills for group play, or even what the honor medal thingies do. But I will go back in. I will test my might against the bevvy of world invaders. I may even learn how to play my ranger in a way that does not leave me a crumpled heap of scrap leather on the battlefield.

Screenshot on the way!

Monday, September 3, 2012