Friday, June 22, 2012

Pirate Dye's

There once was a quote two years old
On a dye system 'account based' was told
But in the beta we see,
That this is not to be.
Too happy with all the colors I can't find the will to scold!

A dissertation on the dye controversy told in pirate aye's!

Aye! 400 dye there be. Colors so spectacular, they could lure the Kraken to wear trousers! Enough colors to drown a normal man beneath their trippy waves. Yet, by the sac of Zhaitan, there be a bloody worded brawl over this splendor! 

Now my great-grand pappy used to run dye for the Xunlai back in the day. Thru deadly seas and worm infested mountains. Over civil unrest and Mad King Thorn visits, he would bring crates and crates and crates o'er stuffed with dye. None of this uppity 'unlock once and use forever' stuff! In ye good o'l days it was a dye per item! A'fore he was untimely kilt, a poleaxed drunken Norn scout mistook him for Lispy Stinkface, he was  rollin' in the plat. As much as 10 platinum for a black dye. One little single use solid color dye. 

If'in there be blood in the streets, it needs be there fer a damn good reason. Now if ye are an heir to the Xunlai faction, yes. Yes! Dem be the ones that need to be hollerin bloody murder from the rooftops. Tis a disgrace. Some woman invented a strange technology that pulled the dye trade and all of its profit margin into oblivion. Neater than a sea-spout in a tsunami! Dem poor folks have the right to weep and cry and pout about the new system.

Ye lot? Upset ye say? Upset about what? 
Now it wouldn't be the color choices humm? 400 of the things and there be a ruckus...pitiful. 

How about the prices? Don't them new things fall out of the pockets of foes? I havn't a clue as to why a deer would need a packet of dye, or even want to think about where they stashed it. Point being, they be droppin all over the world. Free!

But you can't collect em all for all your you's? *hearty sigh* Listen up buttercup:

Are you cracked? Too much time in the Dragonbrand? Aye, the whole point of having such a wide choice is that ye DON'T have to get em all. That is right. I'v said it. E're let me give ye permission to not get em all. There! Permission be granted and sealed and filed in triplets with the Krytan magistrate. 

If'in ye be one of dem collectors, well gods luck to ye. But do ye really need all 400 dyes for every single you? If'in ye do, I send ye off with this prayer. 

"Gods grant ye the persistence of a Norn hunting free ale, the analytical skills of an asuran genius, the luck of a thousand shooting stars, and a nice comfortable bed in the Sardelac Sanitarium. Ye will need it."

Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Professional Playlist-Ranger

No offence meant to the incomparable, beyond awesome Jeremy Soule: sometimes you just want to mess stuff up with tunes a bit more slay-tastic than the game soundtrack. Feel free to add to the mayhem and music!

Ranger- Class of awesome with a stick.

  • Loading up/Arming out: I will Not Bow by Breaking Benjamin. 
  • Roaming around: Auron's Theme from Final Fantasy X. 
  • Walking away: Ain't No Sunshine by Bill Withers.
  • Capping pets: Ben by Michael Jackson. *plus 1000 to beast mastery if the pet is a rat*
  • Downed State: The Final Countdown by Europe.
  • Battle: Hero by Skillet.
  • Epic Battle: O Fortuna.
  • Omfg Battle: Through the Fire & Flames by DragonForce.
  • Victory: The Night by Disturbed. Awww yeah!
As soon as I can get home and play with my youtubes this playlist will happen! Yes!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

To don't..

Well this last BWE was a hoot. I had my list all ready to go and my game plan set. Then whamm... I got surprised by nephews. They spent the night Friday: I had a doc appt. Saturday that took almost half of my day: then I had them again for five hours on Sunday.
Now don't get me wrong, I love the monsters! They are coming along nicely as Guild Wars fans and console gamers. The eldest is a fair hand at BF1943. The youngest loves loves loves Draw Something and can pick out the letters that I spell out for him. *sigh* That is the price I pay for wanting them to grow up with positive influences such as caring family and a loving Aunt.
So, of my brave to do list only three were completed.

Chunk stuff at the Mystic Forge: Complete!
Mystic Forgery Ahoy!

Kill the Sea Witch: Complete!!
Not my pic. I was too busy dying left and right to get a screenie...

Have FUN: Whooohoooo!!
Yep puttin' out fires in bushes like a boss! Whilst in a pirate outfit!

Monday, June 18, 2012

One, two, three...

Movement in GW2 is a slight challenge for me. I am used to sending my arrows out and watching the rain of pain add up on my foes. Here sums up my very first few hours of playing the BWE#1- curstdangnabbit, where the hell is the w key, no no no no no no no move back you slackjawed nimbwitt, for the love of pete and his pony would you please stop moving, ohh wait? I can shoot AND move??, move move move obstructed my butt!!- And other more raunchy sayings that I will gladly leave to your imagination.

I think that it is the conditioning that I have from GW1 that is my biggest hurdle to jump. I mean, spending so much time casting then moving then pulling then moving and casting has really put my reflexes in the tuber. To combat this, I have been doing the following to get my 'movement sense' up and running at full throttle!

1-Battlefield 1943, Xbox 360.
     Now you may be wondering what playing a first person shooter has to do with playing GW2. The way I see it is that the same reflexes are needed to dodge and to learn how to be fluid with shooting while moving. It is working in 43 so far...I am almost a General of the Army!

2-Replaying GW1
     I am going in and just getting used to the keyboard/mouse dual action needed to move without feeling like I am running around in circles. My old standard of using the arrow keys to move is just not going to cut it anymore. So practice W+HoldRightClick to move direction it is.

3-Listening to the below. Because I can.

What are your plans for getting ready to move and groove in GW2??

Sunday, June 17, 2012

No healing spring for me

Hello everyone! I hath been to the doctor twice in a week. This last week. My most sincere apologies about the regrettable lack of content for you, my awesome readers.
Will be back in the saddle on Monday!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Whoohoo Pics!

Whilst roaming the Tyrian landscape, I managed to take some of the most horrid screenshots known to mankind. Enjoy!

The full folder in linked to my FB page here - Siadina's BWE2

Monday, June 11, 2012

A Quickie

Who is a zombie. I am. Who has awesome beta pics? This chick. Who was so sleepy they slept through her many many alarms and was late to work. Yep. Pics on the way ASAP! *snooooore*

Friday, June 8, 2012

Beta. Beta. Beta. Beta.

Which if you have email or text or talked to me this week that title post is more like - Beta! Beta! BetabeatbetabetaWHOOOOHHOOOOOO!! *happydance*

I had a total blast the first beta weekend. I got to level 25. Bought some sweet sweet weapons. Helped a friend with his charr story line. Had a celebrity death match with Logan. Swam with whales. Slapped on some goggles and jumped from the Divers Spot in Lions Arch. I had a fantastic time and can't wait to get into Tyria again.

So I present to you my To Do list!

1. Find the cow launcher- I tried during the stress test but alas I didn't make it over there. I got distracted...
2. Dance with the Moa Trainer- Yes this will happen. Mad beats!
3. Find the human area jumping puzzle- I have a sound track set aside for this. Criss Cross "Jump Jump"
4. Chunk stuff at the Mystic Forge- I am keeping my fingers crossed for a dye-able bow.
5. Kill the Sea Witch- I gave this a hefty try. They slaughtered me. I'll be back...
6. Play a WvW session- I will gladly lay down my life for the other teams amusement.
7. Have fun- Above all this will be the easiest one to do. Open. Play. Fun!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mystic Forge Warning Lable

Yep. They gave us a lottery. Toss in junk and get a slight chance at a better weapon. Yep.
Mystic Forge. Yep.

I imagine the legal small print is going to read a bit like this -

Black Lion Trading Co. is not liable for any loss or damages of loot, weapons, clothing, sanity and/or soul while using this forge. 

Please chunk responsibly. 

Side effects could include one to many of the following: 
Loss of the taste- salty.
Asuran ear shrinkage.
Black or bloody scars.
Mild leaf loss.
Temporary to permanent transformations.
Random disconnects from reality.
Armor disintegration.
Tail spasms.
Slight to moderate possession by entombed deity.
Use of the forge while not under the influence of alcohol by Norn users have a 50% chance of making the user immune to jalapeno baths.
Increases the chance of rage quit or Skype fits for users under the mental age of 10. 
Use with fun!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dynamic Grouping

Friends. They come in all shapes and smart-asses. Really, they do! Some of the best conversations I have had with my online friends have been them just teasing the hell out of me over something stupid I said. *snoring does not count, that should be a freebie...seriously.*

Guild Wars 2 takes making friends a bit easier. No steals, not loot loonies, and no spawning baddie that has a mile long line to kill. *TERA...looking at you buddy!* I will miss the GLF- Monk to GO! With such ease of play and rewards for sharing, GW2 really has upped the ante.

What I look forward to the most is playing with my friends. Most of us are going to be moving in from Guild Wars, where we had a darn great time. If I had to sum my buddies up using old movie cliches, we would be a rag-tag samurai squad. We have:

The Lioness- graceful and fiery. 
The Papa Bear- tactical and giving. 
The Hyena- hilarious and cunning. 
The Owl- list driven and helpful.
The Mastiff- knowledgeable and kind. 
Now, to share and see if my buddies can guess who is who! *muhahahhaha*

What is your groups movie cliche?

Monday, June 4, 2012

Friendship. Is. Pimp.

See..This is what happens when you want to win Beta Keys for your friends. Gnats Beware!!

My bestest friend in the whole wide world can't pre-purchase GW2. So here I go, pimping what little bit of this 'caption' madness I could dredge up from the corners of my non-CSI watching brain. Then, lightning hit! I realized....what would I say? Tahhhdah! *crosses fingers for a win*

Ahh the things we do to win free stuff. Me, myself, and I are still ashamed over what we are willing to do for a Klondike Bar....

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Donkey!

Dudes and dudetts...I normally post during the week when I can get all my duckies in a row, but today is special. Syp over at has nominated my little baby blog for the most humorous category.

I am both humbled and so happy I think I commented something about spanking my donkey....I don't own a donkey....I MUST find a donkey *grin*

Vote if you wanna here. Maybe for me, but these other bloggers made me roll and snort. Also, to everyone who reads this...Thank you. From the bottom of my silly GuildWars loving heart!