Monday, October 29, 2012

Sia's Alive

Hello again! *wave* It seems that my cold was actually the flu. I am still recovering. I put in some awesome time in game this weekend and here is a cool screenshot to tide you guys over till I can function enough to type. Silly cough medicine....
Mad King! How I have missed you! Never thought you sounded  like David Bowie though...
The Clocktower does not like me.
And is my necro the only one with humping minions? This little fellow has  a thing for pumpkins...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why I Will Never Walk Anywhere Again

I got my witch costume today. I will never walk in town ever again. Broom toy skill 4 is just pimp!!!!! THANK YOU ANET FOR TOYS!!

Edit* Ok remind me that posting after midnight on nightquill is not a good idea. To rephrase what I so eloquently said above, the Halloween costumes are amazing. Minus a personal glitch that has all of my town clothes leggings pieces as ONE PAIR OF PANTS...they are just super sweet.

The witches outfit below has multiple dye slots on both the top and I can assume the britches as well. But what really shines is the broom toy. It has five skill slots, and the ability to join in the costume brawls. Skill 4 is the fly key. I love love love love love this. I really do. You can jump while in flight as well. Go get one, it is well worth the 700 gem cost just to hop on, coast around, and laugh at the people who still choose to use their feet.

Ps - The broom, omg, the broom.....*falls in loves*
PPs - I have to equip this on my asura!

That expression right there is the same one I am wearing every time I get on that thing!

Sia is Sick

So so so so so sorry for lack of posts this week. I am a bit under the weather, but to tide you over till my brain begins to function through the icky snot monster, here is a video of the Halloween Costumes!! YAY!!

Richie Procopio... please gods let me have spelled that right, is part of the GuildCast crew over here at GamebreakerTv. He also has his very own YouTube channel that I shamelessly follow. Here is his most recent video. Give him a subscribe, a follow, and a hug if you see that man!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Oh How I want It To Be Monday!

Check this out *grin*

That is right folks! Here be the link to all the goodies released so minis, free devil horns, costumes, tonics, and the Mad King *crosses fingers*  Also try to figure out what those costumes eyes are not a good as they used to be but I could swear that is a skull mask on the Asura.

Also this:
Who is a happy Sia??? 

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bitterest Nightmare

I don't know if she is steaming or stewing. Bitterest in da hot springs.

What do zombie sylvari crave?
Heads of lettuce!

Common folks lets get some Halloween jokes rollin! Twitter has a #madking2012 that is making me giggle. Post the best of your worst in the comments.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Oct 22

The first holiday in GW2. Shadow of the Mad King.

Take a quick sneaky peaky at the photo below. What do you see?

1 - There is a way to AT LAST see what the heck is in the cauldron! Notice the jumpy platforms.
2 - Our freaky ass moon is back! Al la Nightfall it seems.
3 - Toxic fumes, green glow-y fantasticness! Notice the swirls at the bottom.
4 - Looks like this is going to be in La. The cauldron's position seems to be where the Lion's Fountain is. Really looking forward to see if the other towns will be decorated.
5 - FPS I really really really hope they work on this for the live events.
6 - There had better be a pumpkin carving stall in here somewhere!

We have until next Monday before this all goes live. What are you looking forward to the most?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekend Scavenger Hunt!

Good mornin! I'v put up a little bit of gold in Ye Old Bank and have decided to offer everyone a chance to win a whole gold piece! The rules are simple:

1: Solve the Riddles.
2: Find the Stuff.
3. Turn in Stuff. @ Siadina. Items will not count if turned in before Sunday Oct.14th. Mail the 3 items and your answer to the 4th riddle to me no later than Sunday Midnight EST.

Winner will be the first one to mail me the correct items. You will win 1 gold! Everyone who participates will get a mention here on Trippin Tyria and some goodies out of Sia's Stash!

Ready Set Go!

Riddle One: Item

Harvest spiral bunch,
Yikes! My head is what you seek.
My doom in a bowl....

Riddle Two: Item

Riddle Three: Item

Wielded by a Guardian I strike true.
But bears don't like me *sadpanda*

Riddle Four: Answer

Of six I am one.
Rulers of man follow my path.
Seek me and find chaos.

And there we go folks! You can find the items but anything that is sent before Sunday won't count.


Thursday, October 11, 2012


Our time has come! No, I am not referencing the sucky live action trailer. Here if you haven't seen that mangled mess of advertisement. 

I am talking about these bad boys! 

All hail Alana @LadyVerene! Give her a follow, she is the owner of Under the Pale Tree. Great blog! Great peeps! 

So I have a mission. BUY ALL THE CARDS! *hunts for meme* There is no buy all the cards meme? Fixing! Fixed! *puts on shades*

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Yay! I found a bug, reported of course, but I had to share! I got rezzed underwater near the skill point north of the reactor plant in Metrica Province. Come to find out Tyria is setting on a bed of water. This is me under the crust, chinchillin with my staff. Ps - don't look down! It is the only time this game has given me a real fright! The feeling in the pit of my stomach as I looked into the watery abyss under my feet? I did my reporting and got the heck outta dodge!

Also to make myself feel better about not diving down and seeing the end of the world, here is Sebastian the Crab with my favoritest song from Disney. *evil grin* I almost posted the Japanese version....I miss you Tebian!

Monday, October 8, 2012

To My Homies!

We have lost in the past two weeks some exceptional talent in the GW2 Blog-o-sphere. Blogging can be a harsh mistress. Do I play or post? Do I play then post? Post then play whence I posted? *rubs noggin* Truly a matter to contend with.

Then there is the time factor. How to fit in blogging about something you love while trying to love the hell out of it at the same time. It is rough! Time = A fart in the wind. Get wrapped up in-game with your buddies and viola, its a quarter past one a.m. and you have to roll out at six to get to work, school, or your flaming belly dance class. And as much as I hate to admit this, age can be a factor on your game time. Us with the bad knees or poor circulation or medical conditions have to get up once and a while. Try standing up after a two hour gaming session when you have a bum knee.....iiiieeeeeee!

Our dear Aly Cat and Zonian both have decided to close their blogs, and we will all miss their posts and great personalities! Don't be a stranger. There will always be a place for you guys to share your GW2 stories! Right here *grin* As long as you don't mind the occasional stray moa running amok. Hit me up and in the meantime: This is for you!

Because what says you were awesome more so than a fricking pan flute?? Seriously!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Mad King Commeth

Bring your candy bags! The Mad King will be back in Tyria soon. Time to limber up those muscles and /pickme fingers! Be prepared to roflm and punny jokes. Rally to get hammered on holiday booze. Here is the teaser pic!

I wonder how much they paid for the fog machine?

This post Here says that more intel is on the way!

My jokes *giggle*

Tweets Top / All / People you follow

What has changed the most in 250 years? You all got uglier!
How can you tell your salad is too raw? It tries to run away!
What do you call a short lawyer? An A-sue-ra 

Thursday, October 4, 2012


There is no way someone will sell me a dye for 7 copper. Or so I thought. Last night after clearing Metrica Province with my Aknia I had about 47 silver. Since my experiment the night before with buying mini pets for the low low worked well, I decided on the fly to try for the common dyes for Sia. OOoooh. Buy Orders rock! At first I priced mine at the same top offer listed, but then started to one-up the bids by a copper.

Huh? Really? I got over 62 dyes last night and for coppers on the silver. I swear! Go try it out, place some orders, and watch the madness that is the Trading Post come alive for you.

Project: Dye-Orders
Time: 2 Hours
Goal: Lookin Fly
Success: How the hell am I going to use all of this dye?


Moss Dye - Common
Sell Price : 38 Copper
Highest Buy Order: 9 Copper
My Buy Order: 10 Copper
Time on Return: Less than 10 mins.
Longest Time on Return: 8 hours

If you are all looking for ideas on how to dye your armors: Guru has a great screenshot section Here!
Also the color of this jacket is Hot Pink, trim in Antique Gold, and the hat is Red. Just in case you were wanting to recreate Fly Guy! Gold fish platform shoes are alas unavailable at this time....Common A-net you know you wanna add those to the Gem Store!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


The competitions are on! Gw2 is putting on a contest Here. Dioramas are fun to do. You pick a theme, you pick a medium, and you get to work. Here are some fun ideas, because sometimes brainstorming is the hardest thing to do, and to be honest, I don't think I will have the time to make one this year. But if anyone wants to use these ideas, feel 100% free to! And I wish all who try the very best of luck....and candy!

Mad King Thorn
Cemeteries in Gw2
Ghosts in Ascalon trick or treaters
Midnight Services on Haunted Hill
The Surprise in the Chest
Pumpkin Chunkin ala Gw2
Quaggon Goes Candy OOOoooooo
Minions on Parade
Cubs VS Candy
Scary Charr Mom frightens candy givers

Play dough
Pop-up Book style
Paper Mache
Reclaimed items

Monday, October 1, 2012

To Chase or Not to Chase

Rosie chasing after a tennis ball has nothing on me chasing titles. Title hound? Me?? Nooooo....*stuffs lists and lists and more lists under the bed*

But there is a unique problem to chasing goals, you reach them. In Gw1, the vast amount of stuff to do was hemmed in by the amount of time required to get them. My best-est friend in the whole world set the Kurzick title as what she really really wanted to do in-game. A whopping 10 million faction. Yikes! It took her over a year to do. Not because she was lazy, but that was the amount of time it took a hard-working, life outside of game player to finish.

In Gw2, there are dozens of titles, but the PvE ones seem kinda bland maybe? I know I know, they took out the grind and for the most part that makes me want to dance a jig on a siamoth, but where does that leave players who finish the PvE stuff? Rolling alts I get. It is fun to go and learn and do via different methods. Dabbling in Wubs and sPvP wont appeal to everyone. So what does an alt-aholic do when all the titles are maxed, and the armor is purchased, and you are farting rainbows through epic proportions of Orrian dead??

I would say maxing out your crafting professions, but at the moment that is hardly a challenge. Seriously. I did that with only a gold to my name and got to almost level 300. That will change I am sure as prices and supply equalize.

How about getting all of the Legendary? Let me put it this way. Those are epically insane to get. At least right now. I can see getting one maybe two for Sia and letting the rest of my gals languish in not-so-cool hell. As much as I love doing stuffs, and rat-packing, that task is a bit daunting even for me...

Now I am most likely balking at nothing, being as I am such an old hand at GW2, I mean it has been a month released, surely I have seen everything there is to see right?? Nothing can surprise me at this point right? *sprinkle that last with salt peoples*

Well goals or no goals, I has a plan for the eventual boredom of the game: Grab some friends, hit the highway, and watch charr catapult cows. Yep. Anyone here good at algebra? I need the formula for a 425lb cow launched from a wooden catapult and the velocity of 15 FPS, adjusting for server load and capacity. *grin*

Where do you see yourself in-game in a year? Two years? 8 years?

Why being chased by cows, of course!