Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Playing With TP

You fickle, frustratingly fun thing you! Yes you, I am looking at you Black Lion Trading Co. You tempt me with mad gold, parading it around in front of my poor poor self. Dangling the temptation to play with you. You are my ultimate carrot, but the stick you are attached to is covered in barbed-wire and electrodes.

Yet, I still come crawling back, like a scalded scritt, to open your delicious tabs for some more slices of humble pie.

I took my little bit of saving the other day and rolled them into dyes. My sister, damn her lucky ass hide, got 6 Abyss dyes and a bunch of gold. I was all like "Ohhhh, I can do that too!"

I was wrong, so very very wrong. See there is this thing in normal people that say STOP. I am lacking that thing. That thing is so borked. So I had 39 gold. Now I am a broke peasant to my sisters Rollin in the Dough' lady. *evil glare* I totally blame her. Yep.

Also LMAO, I forgot I had this! Which makes the title of this post true two ways. It also proves that I am 12 at heart, or it may be that I spend way too much time with my little nephews....

Pawsha lamented the lack of a public sand box. But in true cat fashion decided that the statue was now hers..


  1. How did you get toilet paper??????

    1. Came in Halloween goodie bags. :P

      Also, Trippin' - I've found that the TP is like the lottery for me. The best way for me to "win" is not to play at all. :P

      Oh! Actually, if you aren't gunning for a legendary and have karma to spare you may want to look into heading up Frostgorge or some lev 70+ zone and get some green karma items in batches of 4.

      Go mystic forge those and you'll get a few yellows you can sell or salvage for ectos (to sell). Still crappy conversion rate though, think I got 3-4 yellows out of 20 times. Wish I could kill that damn genie...

    2. Oh the one thing I would have loved to get and I didn't even get it! LOL!

      Siadina - if you need some cash farm all over the place and sell all the crafting materials for highest bid on the Trading Post. I'm sporting 12G already and I'm only lvl 30. I do almost no crafting so I just sell it off. Also, unidentified dyes are selling for up to 12 silver on Anvilmar. I sell those things as fast as I can get them.

    3. @ Zonian I am not hard up for cash, as I am playing for fun a lot, but it is the fun that brings me back to the TP. It is like opening presents on Christmas morning, only I take the presents and turn them into cash....wait, it may just be like the holidays *grin*

      Toilet paper rules!!

      @ Joseph I am going for the legendarys but I am giving myself a timeline of like 3 years, so I am good. It took close to 4 for my Obsidian in Gw1 so a year sooner is my goal.

      Also I have to get to those outer areas first and I have been a lazy Sia this past month. *sadlazypanda*