Thursday, July 26, 2012

38 Lists to Rule Them All

Lists lists lists. I am a goal oriented person. I love me some lists.

Check Lists
To Do Lists
Done Lists
To Get Lists
Grocery Lists
Inventory Lists
List for Lists to Make......
Yep. Love me some lists. 

The one I am working on now is my character list. My main will be Sia: A human ranger. My other half, my baby, my armor whore, my precioussssssssssssss. *rubs keyboard obsessively*

Looking forward to making a list that allows me to get all of these:
Courtesy of Neo Nugget at Guild Wars 2 Guru
Because nothing says bad ass like a purple bow!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

39 Jump Jump

Dear gods what a mess. I can't jump. I say with this the conviction of a trier. I spent an hour on the starting swirly mushroom  one in the Grove. I didn't give up. I didn't give in. I just did it. Over and over and over and over again.

Aggravating! But the feeling of accomplishment when it was all over makes me smile still. I did it. I will have to do it again....*hearty sigh*

If this is a itty bitty one, what are the actual jumping puzzles like? Someone give me horror stories of your own jumping madness please. That way I know I am not the only one who is gonna run across them and get the ice pack and beer out.

And have this guy in my corner giving advice:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Friday, July 20, 2012

40 Points

How Many Do You Have?

Seriously? Not that I am calling into question your uber leetness as a gamer, not at all! I am just curious if there is anyone out there as nutty as my friends and I. One of my dear dear buddies has put enough work into GW1 that he should have 6 sets of 50. 6 sets of 50....There is not an adjective strong enough to touch that level of completionist.

And the rewards! First you get a set of armor for each and every baby you are going to roll in GW2. Then they unleash the beast with weapon skins of pure flaky awesome. *Dryad bow.....come to momma!* Then they chunk in ranger pets. Not just any ranger pets but we get a Rainbow Jellyfish.
And this guy!
*squee* Isn't that the creepiest cutest thing you have ever seen?

How about you? What are you working toward or looking forward to the most out of our HOM rewards?

41 Forge Chunks

Step right up ladies and gents! We bring you a wonder found no where else in the world. Behold! The Mystic Forge! *dramatic jazz hands*

This is supposed to be where our legendary items and armor comes from. Now the rainbow bow makes sense. If you were an imprisoned Jinn with unlimited time and space, and all the sudden people start chunking  random loot down your chimney, what would you do with all the stuff? Make rainbow bows.

I wonder if we can toss down some whiskey? I want my imprisoned jinn totally loaded when I start giving him stuff. Quite a bit like this actually:

I got a chance to play around with this during the last beta weekend. I didn't get anything special, but I cant wait to get into the live game and start hurling stuff into it like a woodchuck before a tsunami. Which brings me full circle to the storage space. I have a feeling that the first weeks of the game will be ramen noodles for lunch. At least there are only a few choices for that. Chickens or beefs?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

42 Mini-me

Miniatures. The itsy bitsy cute tote around prestige item. Yes prestige. I can't tell you the amount of time I spent in GW1 collecting minis. I traded, begged, borrowed, and sold my services to acquire them. My precious precious minis....

I wonder if any of you guys were collecting minis before the Hall of Monuments. I was. Kind of like the ranger pets and armor: I made my list and went after it like a bear chasing a game warden covered in honey and rolled in bacon. But this bear got to eat!

Of all the minis in GW1, the white rabbit is one of my favorites. Get good and plastered on firewater and chase someone else white rabbit......Priceless Song Tie In!

We have seen that minis are back in a big way. Big enough that they have their own storage unit. *love love love that!!*

What mini are you wanting to get first?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Not Counted

Hello all! *wave* so sorry about the spamtastic posts yesterday. It seems that the auto-poster checker thingie did em all for yesterday. *facepalm*

On a related yet not related note: can anyone direct me to a logo maker? Free or a talented artist that likes to make logos? Haven't asked at guru yet, but I will if I have no other options.


Monday, July 16, 2012

43 Laughs

Next to dancing, the Laugh emote is what I look forward to using the most. Can't find something? Have a giggle. Dude walks past wearing LEGO colored armor. Chuckle. A conga line off of the Divers Ledge in LA? Whip out the roflcopter.

But this? This I have to see in game. Be ware though...when I get a chance to roll one of those things, I am going to be laughing my short butt everywhere. *ponders if it works underwater*

44 4th Walls

People who talk of immersion in game worlds get me. But Sia? Don't you role play? Yes, badly. But I do role play a bit. While I would love for our game experience to be akin to the holodeck on Star Trek, that will take some time in coming. So yes, immersion will be broken a lot in game. And out of game.

Mad because someone in town is sporting the latest in Uber Leet Mega Wings of Awesome?
Upset over the meta event crashing your purification ritual in the Grove?
Sick and tired of people calling you in for work?

I know the feeling. I truly do. But I cannot be drawn into believing that our world in GW2 is fully immersible....not when I have to kennel my pets in an imaginary baggie. They don't even trot off into the distance like the Aeons of FF. Heck no... Here Fluffy Butt! I know that you are dying but here let me stash you in my invisible baggie of pet holding. And watch out that I don't stuff you into the water portion by mistake. Ole Finny is kinda partial to dog meat....

Breaking the wall between immersion and real life is needed. If that little snarky part of the real life me was fooled, then why leave Tyria at all? Pixel food tastes good right?? Arenanet will break the wall at some point. You can rest assured that it will be hilarious when they do. Easter Eggs FTW!

45 Top Hats

Town clothes. I love love love this touch. *grumble storage grumble* For some of us, lounging around town is going to happen. A lot. Recruiting, crafting, trading, sorting, sync dancing.....yeah. So whilst we lounge about afk our toons will be looking hot to trot!

Top hats, pirate gear, chef's outfits, dresses, snuggies. Yes dang it all I want a snuggie!
A few questions tickle me mind. One: We can buy these in a shop in-game right? Not the gem store, I think they will use those for costumes and such, but a regular shop. Two: Do town clothes follow the armor divisions? Scholar, Adventurer, and Soldier? And if they are, why? By my lucky asura foot, I want NORN UGGS for my human!

46 Sia-Moth's

Yep. Siamoth.  Siadina's siamoth Sampson sings for his supper. He also finds random environmental weapons.  A nicer trick than finding truffles. Much cuter too!

Is that his tongue or some more horns?? 
GW2 is stuffed with ranger pets. 46 of em at last count. Everyone of them shall be mine. Iv talked before about the cute factor in many of the baby and juvenile pets before, hinting that it is a kind of catch em all deal.

Well I have the fever. I have set aside piles of pet treats and made room in my invisible can-hold-an-elephant-on-your-belt pet bag *more on this later* and have got my note pad ready to go. I shall be taking friends along for the hunt. See the list below as to what to take.

  • Pet Bag- Yep we needs it. Just don't ask me how the durn thing works ok?
  • Working Index Finger- Right or left. Must be in working order. No gold mining whilst on duty. 
  • Sharp Pointy Thingie- Be it arrows or swords or pistols. Bring stuff to protect you. Mama's fight hard and dirty.
  • A Sense of Humor- Why yes that is a Shark for a pet. No I just stuffed it in the bag with the rest. No special training what sooo Arrrrrggghhhh No! Bad Finney!! Bad! No Bite!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

47 Rainbow Arrows

Forgive me.....*ogmsqueeeeeeeeeeeeeyesyesyes*happydance*

Legendary weapons. Via the twitchtv link below, the Devs have spoken. And they speak with unicorn bows and Iron Man hammers. That is right. Unicorn bows.

Dear Devs:

On behalf of me myself and I, we would like to send you the biggest Internet cookie that our deviant mind can create.
A maple brown sugar cookie base, sprinkled liberally with miniature Reese's cups, drizzled with the nectar of the gods called Nutella, rolled in coco powder sweetened with angle tears, served on a bed of Ferrero Rocher, with a side dish of vanilla ice cream made from the milk of cows raised in Valhalla.

Thank you. From the bottom of my unicorn loving, rainbow chasing, I don't care how long it takes I will get me one of those, heart!!

A-net Releases the Awesome

Thursday, July 12, 2012

48 Amadeus Rocks

Tunes. They can make or break a game. Example: Prince of Persia-Warrior Within. They used one of my favorite bands to add just an epic heavy metal tone to the Dahaka fights. GodSmack for Life!

Guild Wars has a predictable habit of using Jeremy Soule for their soundtracks. That is because that man has fantasy in his soul. If you get a chance to, I am going to suggest that everyone goes out in a thunderstorm in game. Have a seat, dance like crazy, or just play with dyes in the middle of one. Because if this *below* is the default soundtrack for storms, I haven't heard a better storm song since Legend of Zelda:Ocarina of Time.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

49 Bolts of Jute

Sia "No.... you have to put the masks in with the festival hats!"
Akina "Well we wouldn't have to rearrange everything if you didn't keep crafting armor!"
Sia "It's not my fault that you like to wear the same thing everyday...A woman needs a good wardrobe."
Akina "Yeah but you have an armor petting zoo...."

The above is true. Way too true. My Siadina was my main in GW, and even before the Hall of Monuments came out, I was fascinated/fixated on getting every set of armor for her in-game. I drove my friends to distraction. I would camp an area and slay red dots till my fingers were sore and my family thought I was a zombie. To say tunnel vision is a dominate personality trait is to say the ocean has fish.

Alas the problem is and still is this: Where the hell do I stuff all of this crap? Bags, holding runes, storage tabs, mules....lots and lots of mules.

Gw2 is taking an interesting approach to storage. The send-to-bank-from-anywhere utility is just genius. It is just sick. Charging for extra bank tabs and such is a great strategy, as I am one of those gotta get em all kind  of gals and will be ponying up with a smile. The unlocking extra bag slots per toon? We shall see if the might of my lists and planning will crash against the need to purchase those.

But there is something lacking beyond what we see. Where the hell is my town clothes tab? My festival garb grab box? My hat and toy *wheeeee* chest? And, for the love of Lyssa, if you Arenanet make me pay for the pleasure of having these items conveniently stowed....

WTB- Bolts of Jute! Crafting uber bag of stuffing.

Monday, July 9, 2012

50 Charr Pelts

How many times did you cuss to high heaven at the Charr trying to vanquish right outside of Doomlore? Pre-merk pack?  Those pesky Seekers lined up on the ledge where you can't get them. They can get you though. A lot.
Not the same area..but you get the picture.

My one reservation playing as a Charr is this: Vengeance. I spent over half of my Tyrian life battling you. Explored hidden pockets of Ascalon tracking you. Looted many of your fallen forefathers for swag. Salvaged your pelts for the soft linings of my armor to kill your kind again. And again. You are enemy. Nemesis. The sweet sweet taste of victory....and you want me inside one of you?


Well buck up kitten! Pray to the Legion that whist I control one of you, that you never meet me. The 250 year old me. That is one bad ass chick....and she likes the smell of burnt Charr in the mornings.

Anyone else feel a bit of the same??

Sunday, July 8, 2012

51 Bookahs in a Barrel

Ahh the mighty Asura. In my choices of race, this weird looking thing rates a must-roll. Ever since that GW Christmas commercial, it was like omg I want to play with that sooo bad....

Wait, let me rephrase that last. I want to take an Asura, equip the biggest sword in the entire game, and run around town popping off this two-liner at everyone in the general vicinity:

" I am Erggo the magnificent. Short in stature, tall in power, narrow of purpose and wide of vision. And I do not travel with peasants and beggars. Goodbye!" 

Plus 1000 trippin points if anyone can name the movie that is from!

52 Petals

Anyone else looking forward to rolling a Sylvari? When they were first revealed, I had a really hard time wrapping my mind around playing as one. We already had the Asura for our cute quotient, but the old Sylvari were too bland and they seemed too childlike for my taste.  The Asura are childlike in stature, but they are far from it in attitude. More on that in another post.

The Perry-clypse that happened to the Sylvari made my year. Mysterious, lithe, and visually stunning, the new look brought home the bacon! Elvin, yet not. Plant, but humanoid. Badass- Level Norris.

P.s.- You will be able to see my Sylvari from a mile away. I will be the tall purple walking thing....with a night-hound, singing Bad to the Root!!

Friday, July 6, 2012

53 Drunken Norn

The lights are low, a group of burly Norn have come to this tavern in search of a great time. Impromptu song breaks over the bar! Long Live Queen!!!

This little ditty was inspired by a hulking female of the Nornish persuasion, on her first trip to Lions Arch. I have painstakingly tried to recreate the epic brawl in song. Enjoy!

(To the music of Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody)

Its like an Ale MOOT!
This is my fantasy!
Caught in a bar brawl
No escape through the alleyway
Catch up your mug, look out through the blood and see
I'm just a rowdy Norn, I just cant stop the need
because its easy hurl. Easy bite. Come on in. Join the fight!
Anyway the chairs fly! Ducking, Chug and turn back to Fight! To Fight!

Mama, just downed a keg
put the barrel to my lips. Took a sip and now its gone...
Mama, you'd be proud of me
But now ive got three asura mad at me!
Mama, OUCH! Didn't mean to make him fly
If hes not back tomorrow, what a flight! What a flight! What a flight! Ill bet that is a record!

Hell yeah! the crew is here
Sends an order to the bar, 14 kegs the tab is mine
Hello everybody ive got to say
gonna leave nothing but bodies to display!
Barkeep? oooohhhhohohohhoooo I dont wanna lie...
But your bar aint gonna have walls at alll!

I see a little silver sliver of a chair
Take and bash.Take and bash! Watch me do the NornBrawlOh
Thunderfist and bitting, very very fighting me!

Not the moose head not the moose head
not the moose head not the moose head
Not the moose head CONSTABLE!
Need some help!!!!

Im just a good Norn, you cant arrest me!
Shes just a good Norn, roll with the punches please.
Spare her the cuffs she just wants to be free!

Black eye no teeth will you let me go?

Contstable: No we will not let you go
Let her go
Officer: no we will not let you go
let her go
Officer : No we will not let you go
Let me go
will not let you go
Let her go!
Will not let you go

No No No No No No NO

Officer officer officer let me go

Queen Jennah has a cell block put aside for me. For me? FOR ME?!?!

So you think you can cuff me and take me to jail? So you think my friends will sit there and let me fail?

Ohhh man, can't do this to me man, I'v just gotten back, I'v just got back from a group event!

See you guys tommrow... Same time as tonight. We'll come back tomorrow. Come on back fight.

Anyway the chairs fly....

Written by Siadina Sorrowchild April 13 2011

Thursday, July 5, 2012

54 Dancing Ausra

The very first time I logged into Guild Wars, I ran down the steps and bumped into a swirling, grinding mass of underwear dancing people.

And this lovely was shared a bit ago:

Who else can't wait to see which dances we will be given? Who will join me in front of the Singing Lion Fountain in your underroos? Who will strip, for our right, to party?? <--- This Chick!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

55 Festival Fear!

While we don't have a clue as to what festivals Arenanet has hidden in the shadows, I am thinking they are going to be awesome. What intel do I have to substantiate this feeling?

Who knows the first big holiday after launch? Halloween. Yes. Enter the King!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

56 Golden Cookies

Food. Munchies. Snacks. Grub. Chow. Fare. Eats. Vittles. I think you all get where I am going here. Once I get a chance to settle down after the mad rush of *squeee* I can play, you can bet you will find me in a tavern somewhere. Lookin over the menu and choosing my very first Tyrian meal.

I want to be somewhere that looks like this:

With a menu that reads like this:

The Ninth Wave

Warden rations
Chili pepper poppers
Bean salad
Garlic spinach saute

All entrees served with your choice of fresh spiced grilled Moa salad or blooming onion rings
Hearty red meat stew
Poultry Piccata
Red meat Stir Fry sd
Baked Salmon Steak

Banana Cream Pie
Cinnamon Pinwheels
Flambe a La Asura

And a belly that feels like this:

Monday, July 2, 2012

Launch 57

Well I'll be slathered in honey and fed to the pooh bear! As of August 28th, we will be able to play. We will be able to play. WE WILL BE ABLE TO PLAY!!! Whooohhoooooooooooo!!!

Last week I jumped off of my fan-wagon. I chilled around the house. Read all of the Dark Carpathian series again. Snuggled my Hunny and played Battlefield 1943 till my thumbs hurt. Vacation is fantastic. The cherry on my bananna split was the announcement on Friday.

In the coming weeks I will be trying a bit of a different approach to my blog. Every day, without fail *not responsible for acts of gods or my ISP, random bear attacks and nephew riddickbows to my typing arm* to point out a single thing that makes me want to play GW2.

#57- Creating my baby. I am going to spend a whole hour tweaking and adjusting. The first toon is the most important part of just enjoying the game. A hint of raised brows here, a fuller lip there, a bit of baddonkadonk in the trunk to have her just right.

Ps- I want a beard option for the female Norn. Please....I have to have whiskers to smooth whilst I punt kick Asura through the bar room doors.