Monday, November 12, 2012

Finding Home

Like the rest of you I had delusions of grander before GW2 launched. I had my guild page all nice and spiffy, my roster planned out and all my duckies in a row. So excited about getting the old gang back together for a new Tyria. Then real life came by a kicked me square in the ass.

My old gaming buddies? Well I still talk to them, hang out with them online and by text, but it is not the same. Some have left for new games that they love, some have out grown the whole 'gaming thing', while others are working/schooling their asses off. I can't blame them.

I miss them though. These were the people who helped me kill Abbaddon after killing me in a dance off, ran with me through multiple Eye of the North book runs, helped me with dye combos and cheered my armor whoring obsession. They were my first online family, and I miss them with the depths of my heart.

But sometimes loss leads to gains. I've been slow to let go of my pre-launch power plans of mighty ruler ship. A good buddy has taken time away from his guild to come Yak's Bend side to help me out. He had been waxing goodness about his current other guild mates, and I at last gave him the ok to send me an invite. *Crickets chirruping in the guild chat had nothing at all to do with my decision....blush*

Yay! People who talk! Yay! People with crazy sense of humor! HELL YEAH! There be another chick in the chat!!!

So I am going to step away from my planning, wear my sorry $20 Wal-Mart special headphones, and get to know some new peeps. Because sometimes, you have to let go to really have some fun. Well that and speak up a bit, dang my first round shyness...

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