Monday, November 26, 2012

Chests, Chests, Chests!

The Rdm thingie going on in the holiday and speciality themed chests is killin me. Killin me! For Halloween this was me:

"Yay! Chests!"
*buy keys*
"I am so gonna get something great! Chainsaw Greatsword HO!"
*opens chest*
"Well it did say a chance."
*opens 24 more chests*
"Maybe I am just unlucky...I will try one more time tomorrow."
*goes to store and buys another gem card*
*Opens 5 more.*
"Why you sons of bitches! Gimmie my Blasted zombie risen slaying ChainsawBlade!!*
*Reads the forums.*
*takes a deep breath*
*throws epic fit that wakes the dogs, sends my family scurrying for 'home invasion' weapons, and nearly costs me a computer*

For the so short, I didn't get a chance to play, Lost Shores:

"Yay? More chests??*
*I will not get upset, I will not get upset, I will not get upset*
"250 for a special chest? Not too shabby."
*buys a chest*
"Here we go!"
*Opens chest*
*gets a damn papaya*
"Well you must not want my money that badly, A-net."

So I have come to the conclusion that chests and the goodies they put into them are not for me. Nope.

They hang the meat of the chests over a pit of flowing lava and spikes. The piteous cries of the minis trapped inside tug at the heartstrings, but alas they will have to rot in there. Because, when all is said and done, I refuse to give them my hard earned money for crap. I have bills for that...


  1. /comfort

    That is exactly why I never liked much the idea of those treasure chests. It is pretty much like gambling in that your chances of winning something good are pretty slim. :/

    I understand ArenaNet has to make money somehow but I really don't think that treasure chests need to be part of how they make it.

  2. *sniff* I want to like the chests I really do but *sniff* Why? Why are there no good drops in them??

  3. I did the same thing, except I purchased one of the Consortium Chests and got some lame breathing mask thing. I didn't buy any more after that and I'm saving my gems for costumes.

    Tangent!!! Are you still looking for a new banner? If so let me know and I'll whip one up for you.

    1. Yes! Yes please! My try looked like a kindergartner did it. And at least you got a skin, I got fruit....

    2. Send some pics and a description of what you want to my e-mail found in my profile.

  4. At first I sold any chests I received on the trading post. Now I can't even be bothered to do that and just trash them so they don't take up bad space.

    I have acquired 3 keys from, iirc, zone completion rewards. Since the keys are account bound I used them to unlock boxes. Most of what I got out was utter crap. The best item, which I'm still holding onto, was a karma boost thingy.


    1. The thingies are nice, but I would much rather just by them. By putting the tasty things in there for a random chance, all they have done is make us say fudge it and not buy any keys.

  5. I feel you Siadina. I think I just hate the fact that anything in a game with RNG can be purchased for cash. Why not just sell the skin for a certain amount of money?

    1. This is so what they need to do. I would have paid a massive about of cash for that skin. They lost money on me by doing it RNG style.