Friday, June 22, 2012

Pirate Dye's

There once was a quote two years old
On a dye system 'account based' was told
But in the beta we see,
That this is not to be.
Too happy with all the colors I can't find the will to scold!

A dissertation on the dye controversy told in pirate aye's!

Aye! 400 dye there be. Colors so spectacular, they could lure the Kraken to wear trousers! Enough colors to drown a normal man beneath their trippy waves. Yet, by the sac of Zhaitan, there be a bloody worded brawl over this splendor! 

Now my great-grand pappy used to run dye for the Xunlai back in the day. Thru deadly seas and worm infested mountains. Over civil unrest and Mad King Thorn visits, he would bring crates and crates and crates o'er stuffed with dye. None of this uppity 'unlock once and use forever' stuff! In ye good o'l days it was a dye per item! A'fore he was untimely kilt, a poleaxed drunken Norn scout mistook him for Lispy Stinkface, he was  rollin' in the plat. As much as 10 platinum for a black dye. One little single use solid color dye. 

If'in there be blood in the streets, it needs be there fer a damn good reason. Now if ye are an heir to the Xunlai faction, yes. Yes! Dem be the ones that need to be hollerin bloody murder from the rooftops. Tis a disgrace. Some woman invented a strange technology that pulled the dye trade and all of its profit margin into oblivion. Neater than a sea-spout in a tsunami! Dem poor folks have the right to weep and cry and pout about the new system.

Ye lot? Upset ye say? Upset about what? 
Now it wouldn't be the color choices humm? 400 of the things and there be a ruckus...pitiful. 

How about the prices? Don't them new things fall out of the pockets of foes? I havn't a clue as to why a deer would need a packet of dye, or even want to think about where they stashed it. Point being, they be droppin all over the world. Free!

But you can't collect em all for all your you's? *hearty sigh* Listen up buttercup:

Are you cracked? Too much time in the Dragonbrand? Aye, the whole point of having such a wide choice is that ye DON'T have to get em all. That is right. I'v said it. E're let me give ye permission to not get em all. There! Permission be granted and sealed and filed in triplets with the Krytan magistrate. 

If'in ye be one of dem collectors, well gods luck to ye. But do ye really need all 400 dyes for every single you? If'in ye do, I send ye off with this prayer. 

"Gods grant ye the persistence of a Norn hunting free ale, the analytical skills of an asuran genius, the luck of a thousand shooting stars, and a nice comfortable bed in the Sardelac Sanitarium. Ye will need it."

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