Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mystic Forge Warning Lable

Yep. They gave us a lottery. Toss in junk and get a slight chance at a better weapon. Yep.
Mystic Forge. Yep.

I imagine the legal small print is going to read a bit like this -

Black Lion Trading Co. is not liable for any loss or damages of loot, weapons, clothing, sanity and/or soul while using this forge. 

Please chunk responsibly. 

Side effects could include one to many of the following: 
Loss of the taste- salty.
Asuran ear shrinkage.
Black or bloody scars.
Mild leaf loss.
Temporary to permanent transformations.
Random disconnects from reality.
Armor disintegration.
Tail spasms.
Slight to moderate possession by entombed deity.
Use of the forge while not under the influence of alcohol by Norn users have a 50% chance of making the user immune to jalapeno baths.
Increases the chance of rage quit or Skype fits for users under the mental age of 10. 
Use with fun!

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