Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dynamic Grouping

Friends. They come in all shapes and smart-asses. Really, they do! Some of the best conversations I have had with my online friends have been them just teasing the hell out of me over something stupid I said. *snoring does not count, that should be a freebie...seriously.*

Guild Wars 2 takes making friends a bit easier. No steals, not loot loonies, and no spawning baddie that has a mile long line to kill. *TERA...looking at you buddy!* I will miss the GLF- Monk to GO! With such ease of play and rewards for sharing, GW2 really has upped the ante.

What I look forward to the most is playing with my friends. Most of us are going to be moving in from Guild Wars, where we had a darn great time. If I had to sum my buddies up using old movie cliches, we would be a rag-tag samurai squad. We have:

The Lioness- graceful and fiery. 
The Papa Bear- tactical and giving. 
The Hyena- hilarious and cunning. 
The Owl- list driven and helpful.
The Mastiff- knowledgeable and kind. 
Now, to share and see if my buddies can guess who is who! *muhahahhaha*

What is your groups movie cliche?


  1. Hm. Since I tend to jump through MMORPGs so much it is hard to pick a core group of people I play with that I can describe in terms of movie cliches.

    So I will just describe myself. I guess I would be like Kikuchiyo in the Seven Samurai. i.e. the passionate guy who tends to brag a lot, with very little substance to back it up but ends up going out in the most kamikaze way to the surprise of everyone.

  2. Nice! Harakiri all over the place? I will not admit to jumping in a pool of barracuda in GW2 last beta weekend...nope.
    I also had to try very hard not to compare us to the Animaniacs.

    What was your most successful kamikaze?

    1. No, it is more like "Pfft... 30 enemies against the 6 of us? We can take them. CHAAAAAAARGE!" followed by me being the only one kissing the floor amidst my own blood and the rest of the party looking. Now that I think about it, Leroy Jenkins would be more appropriate. Unfortunately he is not an old movie cliche.

      The most successful I don't remember from the top of my head.... It would require having me dead while the rest of party succeeds and stays alive. Closest I can think of was my tendency to try to get as many mobs as possible in some dungeons in Everquest 2. Being a Shadow Knight (with some great healers in the party too!) I could get away with it without nobody dead. Most of the time. *cough*

  3. gahhahahahah! That is too funny!