Wednesday, June 20, 2012

To don't..

Well this last BWE was a hoot. I had my list all ready to go and my game plan set. Then whamm... I got surprised by nephews. They spent the night Friday: I had a doc appt. Saturday that took almost half of my day: then I had them again for five hours on Sunday.
Now don't get me wrong, I love the monsters! They are coming along nicely as Guild Wars fans and console gamers. The eldest is a fair hand at BF1943. The youngest loves loves loves Draw Something and can pick out the letters that I spell out for him. *sigh* That is the price I pay for wanting them to grow up with positive influences such as caring family and a loving Aunt.
So, of my brave to do list only three were completed.

Chunk stuff at the Mystic Forge: Complete!
Mystic Forgery Ahoy!

Kill the Sea Witch: Complete!!
Not my pic. I was too busy dying left and right to get a screenie...

Have FUN: Whooohoooo!!
Yep puttin' out fires in bushes like a boss! Whilst in a pirate outfit!

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