Friday, June 8, 2012

Beta. Beta. Beta. Beta.

Which if you have email or text or talked to me this week that title post is more like - Beta! Beta! BetabeatbetabetaWHOOOOHHOOOOOO!! *happydance*

I had a total blast the first beta weekend. I got to level 25. Bought some sweet sweet weapons. Helped a friend with his charr story line. Had a celebrity death match with Logan. Swam with whales. Slapped on some goggles and jumped from the Divers Spot in Lions Arch. I had a fantastic time and can't wait to get into Tyria again.

So I present to you my To Do list!

1. Find the cow launcher- I tried during the stress test but alas I didn't make it over there. I got distracted...
2. Dance with the Moa Trainer- Yes this will happen. Mad beats!
3. Find the human area jumping puzzle- I have a sound track set aside for this. Criss Cross "Jump Jump"
4. Chunk stuff at the Mystic Forge- I am keeping my fingers crossed for a dye-able bow.
5. Kill the Sea Witch- I gave this a hefty try. They slaughtered me. I'll be back...
6. Play a WvW session- I will gladly lay down my life for the other teams amusement.
7. Have fun- Above all this will be the easiest one to do. Open. Play. Fun!!

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