Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why a Ranger?

The Heritage Armor Medium Set 

Back in the day, in the far far away time, rangers were cool. They were the sleek, pet taming, arrow flinging, trap disarming masters of the wild wood. Think Robin Hood cool.

So why the lack of love for the GW2 ranger? If you can't tell I am kind of biased towards the class. It takes the ranger from one and turns it from a stand still dps into a fluid, shoot from the hip, bad ass with a buff slinging pet. What is not to love peoples?

There are wikis and sites and blogs that can explain the gaming mechanics way better than I could ever do. But I can give you my top five for being a ranger in GW2!

#1     Pets- Here the aww and the collector in me go bonkers. Imagine your walking along a wooded path and see a cute little baby bear. Who in their right mind would just go past and not cuddle it? Not us rangers! We have *last beta count* 45 pets to collect and raise. Whooohoo!

#2     Bows- I can make my own bow. Sure I can just go out and buy one..*sucky* but to have one carved from a piece of wood hunted and shaped by me for me? I am going to carve images of dragons on each of them.

#3     Movement- I like to move and shoot it, I like to move and shoot it, I love to move while shoot it. I love to.... MOVE IT!

#4     Traps- Traps were a huge thing for me in Prophecies, and I rocked them hard until Factions came out. Then they just kinda fizzled. I do not see this happening with my new ranger. With the ability to have up to three traps active at a time, added with that the dodge function, I foresee no loss of function. Not to mention of whole lot of mobs going "It's a trap!"

#5     Cool- Just the below. That is all.

This coming BWE, why not try the ranger. Hang out in the deep end of the classic class pool. Relax under the Tyrian sun with your trusty companion to pillow your head. Ply thine arrows to thine string and reap the knees of thy foes!


  1. The Ranger and Warrior were my two favorite classes in the GW2 beta. I'm with you on your reasons to like the Ranger class.

    In a small way the Warrior was like being a Ranger with heavy armor. OK, not really, but it was pretty epic in it's own way! Try it next beta if you haven't already.

  2. I think I will give the warrior a try. Mostly because I could then rock out the classic Warrior by Scandal.

  3. I'm playing a ranger in beta. Only class I have played so far and may well be the only one I do play before launch. I chose it because I guessed it would play like a traditional MMO and it certainly does.

    Haven't bothered with traps or dodging or felt I needed to. Shoot it and it dies seems to work fine. If not, send pet and then shoot it.

  4. The dodging comes in to play a lot after level 20. Even with a pet for a distraction the fights can be pretty intense. But you are exactly right that it feels old school. And I LOVE that!