Wednesday, May 23, 2012


If any of you are like me, withdraws from GW2 are sucky. Trying to go back an play GW is ok but I keep wanting to jump and have my awesome barrage...and jump and not have to spam WTS CRAP FOR COIN....and to jump and swim in my favorite waterfall....and jump... well, you get the picture.

Times are rough for those of us who got to play the BWE. To be able at last to get into the game and have it be a mostly great time (I had some serious FPS issues that I hope were not rig related. Sia is rich on love but broke in the pockets) and then have it snatched away after only three days of play is both genius and sadistic. I see what you did there Arenanet.

We also got a very nice notice from the GW2 Facebook page yesterday.
Can we please get some FB love for our game? 500k likes is soo not cutting it!

In it is simply says that - Yes we know we said once a month maybe, so it is not this weekend, so go chill, grab a beer, eat some grilled meats, and enjoy your non-playable national holiday. (embellishes are all mine)


  1. I had some similar FPS issues. I read somewhere that the last stress test (Mon May 14th) was only utilizing the CPU and not the graphics card. I'm not sure on that fact (haven't cared enough to look into it). But it would explain some of the lag issues. That and ofc it was packed lol. The thing I am certain of is that my computer is more than capable of playing the game at high settings. So I should not have experienced as much lag and choppiness as I did...

  2. Ohh Jeeze I hope so. I am on the lower spectrum of the requirements but not at bare minimum. Crosses fingers that it was just locked.