Monday, July 2, 2012

Launch 57

Well I'll be slathered in honey and fed to the pooh bear! As of August 28th, we will be able to play. We will be able to play. WE WILL BE ABLE TO PLAY!!! Whooohhoooooooooooo!!!

Last week I jumped off of my fan-wagon. I chilled around the house. Read all of the Dark Carpathian series again. Snuggled my Hunny and played Battlefield 1943 till my thumbs hurt. Vacation is fantastic. The cherry on my bananna split was the announcement on Friday.

In the coming weeks I will be trying a bit of a different approach to my blog. Every day, without fail *not responsible for acts of gods or my ISP, random bear attacks and nephew riddickbows to my typing arm* to point out a single thing that makes me want to play GW2.

#57- Creating my baby. I am going to spend a whole hour tweaking and adjusting. The first toon is the most important part of just enjoying the game. A hint of raised brows here, a fuller lip there, a bit of baddonkadonk in the trunk to have her just right.

Ps- I want a beard option for the female Norn. Please....I have to have whiskers to smooth whilst I punt kick Asura through the bar room doors.

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