Friday, August 3, 2012

We is Crunchy

An idea stuck me this morning. What kind of nutcase was I to have a blog about a video game? Pecan if I get to choose my type...but I don't think it works that way.

I have and do read all the material I can get my eyes on about GW2. Blogs, fan sites, wikis, and videos, nothing is too common or small to be added to my knowledge of the game and its inner workings. Which brings me back to my main point today - what kind of person would spend most of their free time following a game?

I personally think we of the gamer kind are a unique bunch. No other hobby has such a wide range of classes. Whether your a pc kind of person, console gamer, hardcore achievement chaser, or a Facebook gamer: We all have one thing in common. The Game. A set of challenges to over come. A shiny new piece of  loot or armor. A challenge so hard that few master it. These are set into each and every game we play. For most of us that is enough.

But not for our brand of nut. Nooo.... we decide that our take on the game is worth sharing. We put our thoughts and feelings out there for the wide internet to judge. That takes more than courage. That takes brass balls and dancing nakies in a thunderstorm.

To all of you who share bits of your mind with the rest of us, I salute you. Nuts we may be, all of a different flavor, but our gamer community would be just a bland mix of fruit without us. Missing the crunchy tasty tidbits of other players opinions would be criminal.

So go read a new blog, hunt up some talk pages on the wiki, post a video question to the community, go out and share. Because dancing in thunderstorms nakies is always better in a group...alone you just look like a nutcase. *grin*


  1. I choose Almond.

  2. you are so not nuts at all. Gw2 has worked hard to deserve this much much respect and addiction from all of us! I know this is a short video, but I made it myself and may it help you spend another 2 min dreaming about gw2 :)