Thursday, August 23, 2012

The One Rule to Rule Them All

Creating guild rules is hard. A part of me wants to google Guild Rules for Dummies. I do know what I want on there but below is the list....I think it needs some serious editing....

Rule 1 - Thou shall not be a dick. 

Rule 2 - Share bitches.

Rule 3 - I am leader not your on-call do girl. 

Rule 4 - No racists, supremacists, pessimists *you get a bad day a month. Use it wisely*, no beggars, in chat fornicators, 733t 39ic wtf typists, and animal cage fighters.

Rule 5 - Must bring a sense of humor, good gear, team and fair play, common sense and courtesy to all guild functions and chat. *please note that cussing after 9 pm is legal. Once the kiddos get off of all chat it is on like Donkey Kong.*

Rule 6 - Talk. We have a skype channel, a mumble server, my cell and im's are posted on the guild page. If you have a problem, Yo I'll solve it. Check out the wiki, while we all work on it!

Rule 7 - You can be a member of any guild you want to, but the same rules will apply to every guild you are in. If I hear or see evidence of you being a dick on another team/guild/person/pet we will either work with you to try to get it fixed, or after three infractions your out. 

Rule 8 - Play the game. Inactive players after a month will be kicked. By a Norn with combat boots and a six pack of Asuran Ale. 

Rule 9 - Have fun. Picking at your buds online can be funny as long as it is know by both you and the pickee that it is just fun. Bullying, harassment, girl bashing, boy bashing, yelling, shouting, and being a troll are not cool and after three infractions your out. 

Rule 10 - I am not omnipotent. I will make mistakes. When this happens tell me. I wont kill the messenger. I will get better and be a better leader if you all say something when you notice that 1- either I have broken a rule 2- I make a grievous error in game 3- I am doing or saying something that you don't like. This can be fixed. 

Rule 11 - We are a casual pve guild. A place where you can make friends and work on your game in a happy friendly environment. Pvp will be at your own discretion. But the same rules apply to pvp as they do to our pve. 

Rule 12 - My officer appointments will be based on skill and ability. There are friends that I have played with for years that have already showed me their perseverance and personalty. To say that you new people have a long way to go in this regard is not an insult, but honesty. That does not mean that if any officers are caught breaking the rules that I will be preferential. Quite the opposite. Officers have only two infractions before they are demoted to members, where their next infraction will mean a kick from the guild. 

Rule 13 - Trade sniping will not be tolerated. If you know that our peeps are working on certain items to sell, and then you under trade them, it is an automatic kick. *accidents will happen, this must be a proven attempt to screw over a guild mate*

Rule 14 - The guild storage is for the benefit of the guild as a whole. When you add items it is with the express knowledge that you are putting those items up for your team members to use if they need them. Removing items will be a simple matter of sending me or an online officer a pm/letter/text for permission to withdraw those items. Don't ask three times and your kicked. If you join us and work your way up to officer just to clean our clocks, trust me when I say that vengeance shall be ours. 

Rule 15 - There will be stuff that these rules don't cover. It will be at my discretion to to rule in these matters. 


  1. Yeah, I would find a way to make it 10 or less. The important thing is that the rules can be easily remembered, and are enforceable.

    "Don't be a dick" is sort of the overarching theme of any rule list (yes, even my student's rules when I was a teacher essentially amounted to the same, we just pinpoint different dick behaviors according to the group in question) so one is pretty much covered by everything that follows.

    There's a lot of overlap between 4, 5 and 9. They can probably be reduced to 2 rules (one under the theme of having fun and the other playing nice.) 12 is unnecessary. Guild leaders really don't have to justify their officer selections, especially to newcomers.

    Overall it looks pretty good, and well thought out. LOL at in-chat fornicators.

    1. Okies for 4, 5, and 9 how about just a simple merge? Maybe add R11 in there as well under a Expected behavior heading?

      And you are soo right so R12 is outta there. So with the merger of 4 and kicking 12 that would make 10.

      See that is why I ask these things...because help is always needed! *And Aly has some phenom editing skills*