Monday, August 27, 2012

My List for You...

I wonder if the name TrashcanMan has already been taken...

Anywhoo! Here is a list of all the dyes and mini pets divided by rarity. It is nothing fancy but feel free to edit it to your hearts contend and print or save it for your use. Why? Because I can't be the only one wanting a list dang it all so I made one.

Out of love of my fellow OCD peeps out there; here is one less thing you have to do for yourself.

The Link
Dye & Mini List

For you viewing pleasure:

P.s. Did anyone else get a Ele and cast fire into trees to see if they would catch?


  1. Thanks for the list! I didn't realize how many dyes there are. Someone needs to make an app or web page that will allow us to see a race with an particular outfit and what the color combinations would look like. A preview before you use-up your dyes.

    1. See that is the great part about the dye system there is no using it up. Once unlocked you can use the dye as many times as you want to.
      And There is a great blog that has all of the colors previewed, but I love your idea of a out of game widget maybe?