Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Blog and You

The game goes live in 12 days. A dozen. Not soo bad. We can wait can't we??

While we gnash our teeth in impatience, I am thinking about what to do with Trippin Tyria after live. Do I want to keep putting my random thoughts up here for everyone to take a giggle at? Yes, yes I do.

But what else can I do with you guys? Here is an idea, I will make a list of what could work, and you guys hit me up in the comments about which you would like to see....sound good?? Here we go!
Possible Weekly Features:

 Dressed in the Dark- Your favorite train wrecks of fashion in-game. From the hilarious to the OMG bring the eye bleach!

 NPC's Say the Darndist Things- Yep from mentions of nice codpieces to murmers of head scratching wtf did he just say? This article will bring you the best of the worst.

 Deaths-R-Us- Each week I will find new and creative ways to kill my Sia. Long drops off of mountains, stomped to death by dragons, roasted over the flames of fail courtesy of the jumping puzzles. Lets find out! 

And just because I am asking you questions and all that here is a bonus video -


  1. I think those all sound fabulous but if the fashion police ever target my asura, there will be words ;)

    1. somehow I don't see you making the list Aly! There aren't many people that can do a purple and pink blog and not make it obnoxious...

  2. All sound pretty good ideas. Although I do feel bad for Sia due to the last option. On the other hand, I guess if I think it is all FOR SCIENCE! it might not be so bad.

    And "The Golden Child"! That is a movie I haven't watched in ages! Ah, the memories... The nostalgia... The urge to watch it again!

    1. lol don't feel death count in gw1 was awful....this time it will be for yes Science!!

      And the golden child is just epic awesome!