Wednesday, August 8, 2012


This aspect of the Sylvari is just more awesome than Conan the Barbarian covered in kittens killing Krakens!

The pure fun of it is contagious. I even got my lazy sister to come roll a toon or two.... for some reason the yellow and orange look exceptionally epic in the daytime. The greens are deep and lucious, the whites and browns call to mind cool winter dreams *dreams because I live in south Georgia, we don't get winter here, we get a kind of mild cold front that closes the swimming pools for a month* and the deep blues and purples of midnight shadows. I may use my planned on extra toon slots to roll one of each flavor of cycle Sylvari. Why? Because they are just too cool to create!

But at night, oohh the night! Please tell me I won't be the only one sync dancing with the rave bio-glow listening to Dub-Step....


  1. you will not be the only one :)