Thursday, August 23, 2012

Charr Call

Are we all in a mind about how bad ass we want our charr toons to look? Visions of the mighty King of the Jungle or the fastest animal on the planet whipping through our thoughts at character creation? Epic recreations of the most fiercest battle cat known to your inner beast?

I have tried to get what is inside my head to correlate on the screen.....It did not end well....
*guffaawww* I think *snortgiggle* that I will name her Pugsly...*guffhahahahahaha*


  1. If you can become a feared name in PvP with that name I will become your unconditional fan forever!

  2. Replies
    1. Ack! That is not the answer I was expecting specially because I didn't meant it that seriously... I mean, I am already a fan of yours, due to your sense humor and all the refences to the 80ies. So, it wouldn't be that much of a difference.

      Hmmm... I will have to think of something actually special then.

    2. *grin* Well you said feared but you did not say for Why I would be feared. I will become the derper that stalks PvP in the bathroom chatting about my nephews and bugging everyone for extra t.p.

      I love challenges like that because it makes me want to do stuff I wouldn't normally do. Challenges are always a good thing...even if I never accomplish it, your one suggestion will have given me the gumption to try.

      *blushes* I has a fan!! Thanks Rakuno!

    3. Ah! Good point! That could work beautifully too. Being that kind of person who is so obnoxious that your own team finds excuses to leave!

      I guess I was a little worried since I am so much of a carebear that my relationship with PvP usually are "How fast can I run?" or "Oh, I wonder how many seconds I will live this time!". And like I said, I didn't meant it that seriously. I should have remembered that the internet doesn't convey tone that well. Anyway, as long as you are having fun it is all cool. And I will try to think of something special if you do achieve it, in any form it comes. :)

  3. Tone is very important. I should have a disclaimer at the end of every post that says Read everything I write through a lense of silly *grin*
    And I look forward to see which challenge you can set for me....but if it involves clowns...I'm!