Tuesday, August 28, 2012

One Bronze

There are multiple things you have to do to fully explore a city. Points of Interest, Way points, and Vistas litter maps like a crack head hiding Easter eggs. The bigger the city the more spread out these points are. I made it my mission for my first 3 days to 100% every city with each of my toons. Here are the rewards:

90 Basic Transmutation Stones
Enough experience to get every toon to level 9. *minus the exp from the tutorials*
And a grand total of 30 bronze coins...

Total of 30 bronze coins....That is 1 bronze apiece for each city via each of my toons. *sigh* Lets put it another way: If I went out to eat and put a bright shinny penny on the table as a tip, how do you think the service from that server will be the next time I go in to eat? Yeah.

Come on peoples...at least put a few more jingle bits in my chest? I don't want you to drain the coffers, but *holds out beggars cup* Alms! Alms for the sore! I took me an hour and a half to do the Melandru's shrine vista! My fingers feel like they are going to fall off and I have a pressure blister on my right wrist.

I am loving the game, I love the vistas, I love love love the challenge of exploring. The rewards? Not so much. I feel like mailing you back your bronze with this loverly note:

Dear Tyrian Chamber of Commerce:

I had a lovely time visiting your cities, however the wear and tear on my armor, *from multiple falls off of poorly placed bridges, enticing but hard to reach vistas, and balconies without proper safety railings* which had to be repaired at a cost of 62 bronze coins, lacks a special place of honor for the ONE BRONZE coin you mailed to me for completing the city challenge.

I am returning your coin to allow you to start construction of various safety installations that would potentially stop current and future lawsuits. Please use the vast vast wealth that I am returning to you to fix these.

And next time, please consider using KARMA as your coin of choice.

Your Ever Humble Traveler:

Sore Foot Siadina
One Bronze Coin

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