Thursday, August 30, 2012

Vista Shot

Just like it says, here are some vista screenshots. So sorry they are not in HD...I am still trying to figure out how to do that *derp*

The cemetery in DR. The gravestones are a mix of awwe and sniffle.
I want to get to that top spire! All previous attempts have ended badly..
Melandru's vista....this on is the one that took me over an hour to do. Ie- My favorite one now!
Dudes! There be a pirate down there! *hint* Take a freaking torch!!!!
Bridges and Boats and Booze....a deadly combo. Please imbibe safely away from long drops. 
Those are ice sculptures. Too cold for me *shiver*
Yeah if that is a stuffed bear head on that building I am sooo not going hunting in the Shiverpeaks.
The Grove moon set with Sia


  1. Beautiful screenshots! :)

    I didn't know you could read the gravestones in Divinity's Reach (should have figured it out since you can do it with the cemetery in Queensdale). When I passed by it last night all I could think was "Oooh... Even the cemetery in Divinity's Reach is beautiful!"

    As for hunting in the Shiver Peaks... All you need is to make sure you bring a big enough rifle. Like a cannon. A cannon is a rifle if what you killing has about the same scale, right?

    1. hahahahaha I love the way you think! We will just hijack an airship and target them from a very high safe distance and crow about the Mighty Hunt to our friends later!