Friday, October 12, 2012

Weekend Scavenger Hunt!

Good mornin! I'v put up a little bit of gold in Ye Old Bank and have decided to offer everyone a chance to win a whole gold piece! The rules are simple:

1: Solve the Riddles.
2: Find the Stuff.
3. Turn in Stuff. @ Siadina. Items will not count if turned in before Sunday Oct.14th. Mail the 3 items and your answer to the 4th riddle to me no later than Sunday Midnight EST.

Winner will be the first one to mail me the correct items. You will win 1 gold! Everyone who participates will get a mention here on Trippin Tyria and some goodies out of Sia's Stash!

Ready Set Go!

Riddle One: Item

Harvest spiral bunch,
Yikes! My head is what you seek.
My doom in a bowl....

Riddle Two: Item

Riddle Three: Item

Wielded by a Guardian I strike true.
But bears don't like me *sadpanda*

Riddle Four: Answer

Of six I am one.
Rulers of man follow my path.
Seek me and find chaos.

And there we go folks! You can find the items but anything that is sent before Sunday won't count.


1 comment:

  1. As of 4 pm this afternoon I have had no takers *sadpanda*
    But look on the bright side! Moar for next time *grin*

    How about it folks? Were the riddles too hard?