Thursday, October 11, 2012


Our time has come! No, I am not referencing the sucky live action trailer. Here if you haven't seen that mangled mess of advertisement. 

I am talking about these bad boys! 

All hail Alana @LadyVerene! Give her a follow, she is the owner of Under the Pale Tree. Great blog! Great peeps! 

So I have a mission. BUY ALL THE CARDS! *hunts for meme* There is no buy all the cards meme? Fixing! Fixed! *puts on shades*


  1. I am soo frustrated about this! I called every Gamestop 100 miles from me and none of them sell GW2 gem cards....*fumes from ears*

    Had anyone been able to find any?

  2. I was going to ask if you had found a place that sells them. I wonder if Target or Wal-Mart will sell them as they do with a number of other online game cards.

    1. If I can get my darn twitter feeder thingie to work you can see what Lady Verene told me. It is a waiting game it seems........*evil eyes @ Gamestop*
      Also our local gamestop has turned into a joke. Went in person to get a gem card, got handed a WOW subscription card. *holds hand over heart*