Monday, October 1, 2012

To Chase or Not to Chase

Rosie chasing after a tennis ball has nothing on me chasing titles. Title hound? Me?? Nooooo....*stuffs lists and lists and more lists under the bed*

But there is a unique problem to chasing goals, you reach them. In Gw1, the vast amount of stuff to do was hemmed in by the amount of time required to get them. My best-est friend in the whole world set the Kurzick title as what she really really wanted to do in-game. A whopping 10 million faction. Yikes! It took her over a year to do. Not because she was lazy, but that was the amount of time it took a hard-working, life outside of game player to finish.

In Gw2, there are dozens of titles, but the PvE ones seem kinda bland maybe? I know I know, they took out the grind and for the most part that makes me want to dance a jig on a siamoth, but where does that leave players who finish the PvE stuff? Rolling alts I get. It is fun to go and learn and do via different methods. Dabbling in Wubs and sPvP wont appeal to everyone. So what does an alt-aholic do when all the titles are maxed, and the armor is purchased, and you are farting rainbows through epic proportions of Orrian dead??

I would say maxing out your crafting professions, but at the moment that is hardly a challenge. Seriously. I did that with only a gold to my name and got to almost level 300. That will change I am sure as prices and supply equalize.

How about getting all of the Legendary? Let me put it this way. Those are epically insane to get. At least right now. I can see getting one maybe two for Sia and letting the rest of my gals languish in not-so-cool hell. As much as I love doing stuffs, and rat-packing, that task is a bit daunting even for me...

Now I am most likely balking at nothing, being as I am such an old hand at GW2, I mean it has been a month released, surely I have seen everything there is to see right?? Nothing can surprise me at this point right? *sprinkle that last with salt peoples*

Well goals or no goals, I has a plan for the eventual boredom of the game: Grab some friends, hit the highway, and watch charr catapult cows. Yep. Anyone here good at algebra? I need the formula for a 425lb cow launched from a wooden catapult and the velocity of 15 FPS, adjusting for server load and capacity. *grin*

Where do you see yourself in-game in a year? Two years? 8 years?

Why being chased by cows, of course!


  1. In a year? Maybe acquire the Dreamer. Pretty daunting, though. In two years, hopefully playing through the expansion. I have a lot of goals across my characters, though, so I'm less worried about running out of things to do and more worried about squeezing in the WvW and PvP.

    Sadly, I won't be chasing nearly as many armors as I did in the original, excepting expansions. Still bitter about the "mesmer" armor teases.

    Almost done with the gear my mesmer is settling for, have the skin I want for my thief and just need to buy the 80 to stick it on, have enough saved for the t2 cultural armor I want for my charr ele and a ways to go on the t3 cultural I want for my norn guardian, and my ranger will be in the same boat as my thief.

    I'm only beginning to consider weapons. Once my mesmer acquires her shoes, I'm saving for the LA staff (the cheap one and I'll just buy an exotic to reskin.) I'd love to get her bifrost because it has a rainbow effect but a las I'm not sure if I have it in me for even one legendary, and nothing beats a unicorn shooting rainbows.

    1. Shoes *drool* The light armors have the best shoes! I too will take the road less rat packed. Since there are only a handfull of armors that count towards titles, those are the ones I want to goal for.

      There is a post on guru's front page of people who ALREADY have the legends...O.o really? Go you dedicated hard to the core peeps.

      There are a ton of town clothes I see on npcs that I want soooo badly. And yes they were very mean to tease us and not give it to us at launch. I can't even find a shopkeeper that sells them. *sigh*