Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Why I Will Never Walk Anywhere Again

I got my witch costume today. I will never walk in town ever again. Broom toy skill 4 is just pimp!!!!! THANK YOU ANET FOR TOYS!!

Edit* Ok remind me that posting after midnight on nightquill is not a good idea. To rephrase what I so eloquently said above, the Halloween costumes are amazing. Minus a personal glitch that has all of my town clothes leggings pieces as ONE PAIR OF PANTS...they are just super sweet.

The witches outfit below has multiple dye slots on both the top and I can assume the britches as well. But what really shines is the broom toy. It has five skill slots, and the ability to join in the costume brawls. Skill 4 is the fly key. I love love love love love this. I really do. You can jump while in flight as well. Go get one, it is well worth the 700 gem cost just to hop on, coast around, and laugh at the people who still choose to use their feet.

Ps - The broom, omg, the broom.....*falls in loves*
PPs - I have to equip this on my asura!

That expression right there is the same one I am wearing every time I get on that thing!


  1. That looks awesome! I just wish the male version had a more traditional wizard look to it. Don't get me wrong. I love the look of the male version on its own right but it looks more like a necromancer/warlock outfit than a wizard one. So it doesn't exactly quite match with the female version and stuff like that just bugs me.

    That and I just wish I could pretend to have a Charr-Gandalf character for a few days. :p

    1. Is it just me or do all of the male armors/costumes lacking something?

      And hahahaha I would pay to see a Gandalf charr!

    2. Hm. Not that I noticed. Then again I am known for being oblivious and I didn't buy any of the costumes. Just one exception though. The aviator's cap on my charr look like it was covering his eyes. But I saw it only in the gem store preview so maybe the angle wasn't right and I was just getting the wrong impression.

      Yes! Just imagine how awesome it would be for a charr in a costume like that, branding his broom in front of the Giant Flaming Charr Effigy and shouting "You shall not pass!"... and then being turned to a cinder because he was wearing town clothes. Ooopss...

  2. That costume really is tempting. Especially since I miss my pinstripe leggings from the original.

    1. Too adorable, I am having some issues with my pants so as soon as support gets back to me with an answer other than "deal with it" ill post pics of different dye colors