Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Bitterest Nightmare

I don't know if she is steaming or stewing. Bitterest in da hot springs.

What do zombie sylvari crave?
Heads of lettuce!

Common folks lets get some Halloween jokes rollin! Twitter has a #madking2012 that is making me giggle. Post the best of your worst in the comments.


  1. If a zombie eats a Sylvari is it a vegitarian?

    Joe Guardian - Hey Ned, great party. Nice mask!
    Ned Necro - I'm not wearing a mask.
    Joe Guardian - ....

    That's right folks, I'm here 'til Thursday! :)

    1. Hahahhahahahahha! Priceless!

      Hoe do you scare a sylvari?
      Bring salad dressing as a house warming gift.

      How to do scare a norn?
      Tell them the bars are closed for the holidays>

      How do you scare a charr?
      Tell them you saw a flea.

      How do you scare an asura?
      Give them a human's IQ score as a joke.

      How do you scare a human?
      say boo. *giggle*