Monday, October 8, 2012

To My Homies!

We have lost in the past two weeks some exceptional talent in the GW2 Blog-o-sphere. Blogging can be a harsh mistress. Do I play or post? Do I play then post? Post then play whence I posted? *rubs noggin* Truly a matter to contend with.

Then there is the time factor. How to fit in blogging about something you love while trying to love the hell out of it at the same time. It is rough! Time = A fart in the wind. Get wrapped up in-game with your buddies and viola, its a quarter past one a.m. and you have to roll out at six to get to work, school, or your flaming belly dance class. And as much as I hate to admit this, age can be a factor on your game time. Us with the bad knees or poor circulation or medical conditions have to get up once and a while. Try standing up after a two hour gaming session when you have a bum knee.....iiiieeeeeee!

Our dear Aly Cat and Zonian both have decided to close their blogs, and we will all miss their posts and great personalities! Don't be a stranger. There will always be a place for you guys to share your GW2 stories! Right here *grin* As long as you don't mind the occasional stray moa running amok. Hit me up and in the meantime: This is for you!

Because what says you were awesome more so than a fricking pan flute?? Seriously!


  1. Were?


    I also found that my blogging influenced how I played negatively. Like, my in-game goals were being influenced by my blogging plans rather than what I actually wanted to do. And when I wasn't blogging or playing, I was thinking about it, and I don't want to be someone who fixates on any particular hobby.

    I feel kind of guilty, albeit due to an admittedly inflated sense of importance. Still, there's so many negative Ned and Nancies online that make one wonder why they game at all, more positive forces like yourself are needed.

    1. I too ran into that play or play to blog thing. I smashed it with my OCD hammer. *grin* Never ever said I was sane....

      And it is a ego trip to have a blog. You never mean it to be, but once you get readers, it is like ooohhh...Yep, Me Likey!

      I don't think that you were ever negative, honest for sure, but never a downer. Yes, there are thorns in our bed of roses for GW2, but did anyone really expect there not to be? Seriously? I always found your posts to be honest and just fun to read!

      Like I said, send me an email/twitter/flying pigeon if you ever need a space to share! My lines of communication are always open...I have to leave them that way so I get the messages from outer space..O.o..

    2. No, I meant that with Zonian and myself no longer blogging that's two less positive bloggers on the scene representing for the community and game (and one less female blogger in my case.) I occasionally felt like I carried the weight of the game world on my shoulders or obligated to speak out about this, that or the other, and it was spoiling my fun.

      Twitter...ugh. I tried it out again for my blog, and made a point to avoid so much as glancing at the top tweets this go around...but then I started getting all these porn spam invite...and then I logged on to find out that some of those porn spammers can force adds (after verifying that I hadn't been hacked) done with twitter once and for all.

      But I always check here to see what's new.

    3. Gahh really? Porn bots? Gag!!! Bad twitter! Iv been getting bots spamming my comments pages here of all places. Fire and bots, we burn them all!

  2. It is always sad to see good blogs closing down their metaphorical doors. Still it is understandable, it is already hard enough to manage real life and gaming time. Mix a blog in the middle and things get really tricky.

    My best wishes for both of them and a hope to see more of their writing again, even in short amounts, somewhere in the future. :)

    /salute to both Aly and Zonian

    P.S.: Been a long time since I've heard that song! Always loved it. :)

    1. No one can tell what is right for you but you. I am just gonna miss em! *sniff* Best Song about Nothing Ever! Also wicked wicked beat.

  3. You all are so awsome!

    I'll need to explain my entry since I was amazingly tired when I wrote it. Right now life is just busy but Aly's comment has me thinking of something I did not think of, being a "positive blogger" (and there is a lack of them). There are way too many people downing, prejudging, or expecting "miracles in the first month of launch" of GW2. I've done political blogs and let me tell you, they are exhausting, with negative posts, constant bicker, researching your research so it has research, UG! And that is why I quit it. So my point...I started Ruins of Rin to have fun and I kinda stopped doing that and focused too much on the static. I'll need to do some thinking.

    1. Thinking is always good, and Aly does tend to make the best points. I am not sure positive is how I'd describe my blog. Gleefully irreverent would be better. But there are some blogs that I read that are negative, just to check myself. Am I praising something just to make the game seem better than it is? Nope, but I do get a giggle out of some of the asshats that wrote about the game, rushed to level 80, and tells everyone under the sun that there is no content! If words have smells well they would lose a shit ton or readers...pun intended *grin*

    2. To them content = instanced 25 man raids that most people don't even participate in (apparently only a minority of WoW players actually raid for example.) In any case, complaining about the lack of instanced raids in GW2 is like complaining about the lack of burgers at Subway. Subway made it clear they do not offer burgers, they exist for people who want something other than a burger, and there's plenty of other places that do have burgers.

      There's also a difference between constructive criticism and rampant negativity and hyperbole. Case in point, every time Kill Ten Rats posts a GW2 article, there's a recurrent poster who says how this, that or the other is the worst thing ever and they hate it - yet they are still playing the game. If the game is that bad, why are they playing it?

      As for people expecting a flawless launch, my husband works in IT so I'm pretty familiar with people's unreasonable expectations regarding technology, but I still have to raise my eyebrows when I see things like "I wish they waited until all the skill challenges worked before releasing the game." #1 Things are going to break when a game goes live no matter what. #2 They'd rather the game be 0% accessible vs. 99% accessible? Really?!

      I tend to be more impressed by everything that actually works than put out by what doesn't, but I'm also older and not jaded about technology. Heck, I'm still amazed by the television. (I'm not that old, I just find capturing images on film magical. Learned about the science behind it in college - still amazed.)

      Being positive doesn't mean building up the game, just sharing your enjoyment of it. People that don't enjoy something should just go do something they do enjoy, and talk about that.

    3. If people only wrote about what makes them happy, I think the interwebs would explode.... All excellent observations Aly! I was soo happy that I could just play the game when it launched! I am still happy that even though there be some bugs fliting about I am playing my game.

      And it is my game now. Anet set the pieces, but once it goes live it is ours to do with what we will. Some peeps just like to bitch. Let them, take the few gems of intelligent rational thought and chunk the rest.

      Besides, how would we get our laughs? Guru and the OF forums are just hilarious!