Monday, October 15, 2012

Oct 22

The first holiday in GW2. Shadow of the Mad King.

Take a quick sneaky peaky at the photo below. What do you see?

1 - There is a way to AT LAST see what the heck is in the cauldron! Notice the jumpy platforms.
2 - Our freaky ass moon is back! Al la Nightfall it seems.
3 - Toxic fumes, green glow-y fantasticness! Notice the swirls at the bottom.
4 - Looks like this is going to be in La. The cauldron's position seems to be where the Lion's Fountain is. Really looking forward to see if the other towns will be decorated.
5 - FPS I really really really hope they work on this for the live events.
6 - There had better be a pumpkin carving stall in here somewhere!

We have until next Monday before this all goes live. What are you looking forward to the most?


  1. I enjoy holiday events! I loved some of WoWs, they were some of my favorite "outside normal game play" diversions. I'm looking forward to all the costumes and I have plenty of tonics stored up from all those Black Lion company chests. In addition, do you see the post on ANet were they will be dropping a loadof permanent content also. We are only what, 2 months in and we are already getting more stuff and we have to find it. I love finding stuff. :)

    1. I can not express with words how excited I really am. It is the first time I will there for the first holidays. Firsts firsts firsts! *squueeee*

      Tonics - check
      Anime hair - check
      gems - Damn yous to hell Gamestop lol

  2. I just hope the "new" content doesn't add to the 100% world completion thing, which by default means everyone who has the little medal will lose it when the patch shows up. :P

    Also, do we know how long this content is hanging around? Or is Lion's Arch going to be all spooked out till Christmas?

    1. Heya Joseph! Nice to meet ya! The guess is that no it won't affect the map completion. The new content not related to the Mad King is permanent *grin* the Halloween content seems to end after the 31st. Four acts. New info on the post this morning with the link.