Thursday, October 4, 2012


There is no way someone will sell me a dye for 7 copper. Or so I thought. Last night after clearing Metrica Province with my Aknia I had about 47 silver. Since my experiment the night before with buying mini pets for the low low worked well, I decided on the fly to try for the common dyes for Sia. OOoooh. Buy Orders rock! At first I priced mine at the same top offer listed, but then started to one-up the bids by a copper.

Huh? Really? I got over 62 dyes last night and for coppers on the silver. I swear! Go try it out, place some orders, and watch the madness that is the Trading Post come alive for you.

Project: Dye-Orders
Time: 2 Hours
Goal: Lookin Fly
Success: How the hell am I going to use all of this dye?


Moss Dye - Common
Sell Price : 38 Copper
Highest Buy Order: 9 Copper
My Buy Order: 10 Copper
Time on Return: Less than 10 mins.
Longest Time on Return: 8 hours

If you are all looking for ideas on how to dye your armors: Guru has a great screenshot section Here!
Also the color of this jacket is Hot Pink, trim in Antique Gold, and the hat is Red. Just in case you were wanting to recreate Fly Guy! Gold fish platform shoes are alas unavailable at this time....Common A-net you know you wanna add those to the Gem Store!


  1. *boggles* I don't think I will ever understand the market in Guild Wars 2. It just seems so... unpredictable. Well, that is how I would say it nicely anyway.

    1. You just really have to play with it a bit. It is confusing to be sure, but once you kinda get it, it goes much much smoother. On buy-orders the Highest buyer is listed first. On sale orders the Lowest seller is listed first.

    2. Oh, that part I understand very well. It is simple and makes sense. What doesn't make sense is the prices people are selling stuff for. Like all those stuff for just 1 copper above vendor price for example.

    3. You are not the only one that don't understand that!! I mean they lose money just by listing it...*scratches head* I think we may need a TP tutor.