Monday, July 9, 2012

50 Charr Pelts

How many times did you cuss to high heaven at the Charr trying to vanquish right outside of Doomlore? Pre-merk pack?  Those pesky Seekers lined up on the ledge where you can't get them. They can get you though. A lot.
Not the same area..but you get the picture.

My one reservation playing as a Charr is this: Vengeance. I spent over half of my Tyrian life battling you. Explored hidden pockets of Ascalon tracking you. Looted many of your fallen forefathers for swag. Salvaged your pelts for the soft linings of my armor to kill your kind again. And again. You are enemy. Nemesis. The sweet sweet taste of victory....and you want me inside one of you?


Well buck up kitten! Pray to the Legion that whist I control one of you, that you never meet me. The 250 year old me. That is one bad ass chick....and she likes the smell of burnt Charr in the mornings.

Anyone else feel a bit of the same??


  1. Not really, I was one of those players that understood the Charr. Humans came into there lands and didn't bother to "colonize" but just decided to annex their lands and begin eradicating the Charr or force them from their ancestral lands.

    I actually wished I could play a Charr to take vengeance on the humans. The closest I got was to group up go into a heavy Charr force, aggro all the Charr I could then leave group ... laughing maniacally the whole time muahahahahaha :)

    If you like RP stuff like that you should just still make a human for your main and go about slaying all the Charr in WvWvW :)

  2. Wubs sounds like a great time! But alas I doubt I will be able to find a flock a Charr just sitting there waiting for me to come along and barrage them to oblivion *grin*

    Naughty Dean, aggro and leave like that... I dig your style! On a real note though, I am loving the Charr and am planning to run as one very very soon. I just had to point out that if my old main where to be alive in 250 years well this would be such a different game.

  3. I'm going to love playing the Charr! I said it this way on my blog:
    "These were the "bad guys" of GW1. They destroyed Ascalon, your GW1 character's home. You wanted to kill them and liberate your home from those horrible invaders. Except in the Charr's eyes, the humans were the horrible invaders and they wanted them out. And kick them out they did, which brings us to GW2. So who's the oppressor? Who's the liberator? What delicious dichotomous irony!"
    I just love how the whole story has been flipped on its head. In addition, the Charr will have to ally with the humans to face the threat the dragons pose. Can we say, "DRAMA!"

    1. What gets me is the feminist movement of the Charr females. That in its self is just gold. I can't think any other game that has that kind of lore.

  4. I totaally agree with you hun, not playing a charr in this lifetime or 250 years in the future either :)
    planning on a human mesmer *so hot and sexy)
    sylvari ranger
    asuran necro and ele
    norn warrioress