Friday, July 13, 2012

47 Rainbow Arrows

Forgive me.....*ogmsqueeeeeeeeeeeeeyesyesyes*happydance*

Legendary weapons. Via the twitchtv link below, the Devs have spoken. And they speak with unicorn bows and Iron Man hammers. That is right. Unicorn bows.

Dear Devs:

On behalf of me myself and I, we would like to send you the biggest Internet cookie that our deviant mind can create.
A maple brown sugar cookie base, sprinkled liberally with miniature Reese's cups, drizzled with the nectar of the gods called Nutella, rolled in coco powder sweetened with angle tears, served on a bed of Ferrero Rocher, with a side dish of vanilla ice cream made from the milk of cows raised in Valhalla.

Thank you. From the bottom of my unicorn loving, rainbow chasing, I don't care how long it takes I will get me one of those, heart!!

A-net Releases the Awesome


  1. Just think of the WvWvW embarrassment of being killed by a rainbow arrow.

    "Dude, that ranger totally pwnd you with a rainbow arrow!"
    "Shut up Nick!"
    "Dude, you took a rainbow to the knee!" LOL!
    "SHUT UP MAN!"

    That probable conversation alone will make it worth the effort.

    1. ^ this! Omg this! Would you please get a screen shot of this if you get to do it before me? Hahahahahahahahaha!

    2. Hmph. Nothing short of a double rainbow to the knee will drop me.

    3. I see you have the latest in hopeful adventurer gear... The Knee Cup!

  2. I dreamed of making this since I first heard about it. Also the gretsword of night and day as well! ;) I went scrolling through another forum I posted in when I fiirst heard about these and thought I would share what I wrote with you....

    so who else is dreaming about legendary weapons since they released the info about them. I would love to have a bow shooting rainbows. or the 2 greatswords of day and night. I even found a recipe to make the unicorn statue which is needed to make the bow....
    Jewelers profession to 400
    Chrysocola Orbs (rare) x 250
    Opal Orbs (rare) x 250
    A rare flower (rare- probably from gathering) x 250

    Orichalcom Ore (rare) x 250
    The Unicorn statue is not tradable so it must be made by the person using it.

    I am so excited to really make 1 of these myself