Tuesday, July 3, 2012

56 Golden Cookies

Food. Munchies. Snacks. Grub. Chow. Fare. Eats. Vittles. I think you all get where I am going here. Once I get a chance to settle down after the mad rush of *squeee* I can play, you can bet you will find me in a tavern somewhere. Lookin over the menu and choosing my very first Tyrian meal.

I want to be somewhere that looks like this:

With a menu that reads like this:

The Ninth Wave

Warden rations
Chili pepper poppers
Bean salad
Garlic spinach saute

All entrees served with your choice of fresh spiced grilled Moa salad or blooming onion rings
Hearty red meat stew
Poultry Piccata
Red meat Stir Fry sd
Baked Salmon Steak

Banana Cream Pie
Cinnamon Pinwheels
Flambe a La Asura

And a belly that feels like this:


  1. I so love your style of writing :)Thank you so much for this blog. And I really hope your hubby got the message and took you out for a weekend to the shore and a very very nice dinner! Thos desserts sound so yummy!


    1. Awwe Thank you Lisa! And yeah the Hunny took the hint and grilled be some tasty ribs today! Happy 4th Everyone!