Friday, July 20, 2012

41 Forge Chunks

Step right up ladies and gents! We bring you a wonder found no where else in the world. Behold! The Mystic Forge! *dramatic jazz hands*

This is supposed to be where our legendary items and armor comes from. Now the rainbow bow makes sense. If you were an imprisoned Jinn with unlimited time and space, and all the sudden people start chunking  random loot down your chimney, what would you do with all the stuff? Make rainbow bows.

I wonder if we can toss down some whiskey? I want my imprisoned jinn totally loaded when I start giving him stuff. Quite a bit like this actually:

I got a chance to play around with this during the last beta weekend. I didn't get anything special, but I cant wait to get into the live game and start hurling stuff into it like a woodchuck before a tsunami. Which brings me full circle to the storage space. I have a feeling that the first weeks of the game will be ramen noodles for lunch. At least there are only a few choices for that. Chickens or beefs?

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