Monday, July 16, 2012

44 4th Walls

People who talk of immersion in game worlds get me. But Sia? Don't you role play? Yes, badly. But I do role play a bit. While I would love for our game experience to be akin to the holodeck on Star Trek, that will take some time in coming. So yes, immersion will be broken a lot in game. And out of game.

Mad because someone in town is sporting the latest in Uber Leet Mega Wings of Awesome?
Upset over the meta event crashing your purification ritual in the Grove?
Sick and tired of people calling you in for work?

I know the feeling. I truly do. But I cannot be drawn into believing that our world in GW2 is fully immersible....not when I have to kennel my pets in an imaginary baggie. They don't even trot off into the distance like the Aeons of FF. Heck no... Here Fluffy Butt! I know that you are dying but here let me stash you in my invisible baggie of pet holding. And watch out that I don't stuff you into the water portion by mistake. Ole Finny is kinda partial to dog meat....

Breaking the wall between immersion and real life is needed. If that little snarky part of the real life me was fooled, then why leave Tyria at all? Pixel food tastes good right?? Arenanet will break the wall at some point. You can rest assured that it will be hilarious when they do. Easter Eggs FTW!

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