Friday, July 6, 2012

53 Drunken Norn

The lights are low, a group of burly Norn have come to this tavern in search of a great time. Impromptu song breaks over the bar! Long Live Queen!!!

This little ditty was inspired by a hulking female of the Nornish persuasion, on her first trip to Lions Arch. I have painstakingly tried to recreate the epic brawl in song. Enjoy!

(To the music of Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody)

Its like an Ale MOOT!
This is my fantasy!
Caught in a bar brawl
No escape through the alleyway
Catch up your mug, look out through the blood and see
I'm just a rowdy Norn, I just cant stop the need
because its easy hurl. Easy bite. Come on in. Join the fight!
Anyway the chairs fly! Ducking, Chug and turn back to Fight! To Fight!

Mama, just downed a keg
put the barrel to my lips. Took a sip and now its gone...
Mama, you'd be proud of me
But now ive got three asura mad at me!
Mama, OUCH! Didn't mean to make him fly
If hes not back tomorrow, what a flight! What a flight! What a flight! Ill bet that is a record!

Hell yeah! the crew is here
Sends an order to the bar, 14 kegs the tab is mine
Hello everybody ive got to say
gonna leave nothing but bodies to display!
Barkeep? oooohhhhohohohhoooo I dont wanna lie...
But your bar aint gonna have walls at alll!

I see a little silver sliver of a chair
Take and bash.Take and bash! Watch me do the NornBrawlOh
Thunderfist and bitting, very very fighting me!

Not the moose head not the moose head
not the moose head not the moose head
Not the moose head CONSTABLE!
Need some help!!!!

Im just a good Norn, you cant arrest me!
Shes just a good Norn, roll with the punches please.
Spare her the cuffs she just wants to be free!

Black eye no teeth will you let me go?

Contstable: No we will not let you go
Let her go
Officer: no we will not let you go
let her go
Officer : No we will not let you go
Let me go
will not let you go
Let her go!
Will not let you go

No No No No No No NO

Officer officer officer let me go

Queen Jennah has a cell block put aside for me. For me? FOR ME?!?!

So you think you can cuff me and take me to jail? So you think my friends will sit there and let me fail?

Ohhh man, can't do this to me man, I'v just gotten back, I'v just got back from a group event!

See you guys tommrow... Same time as tonight. We'll come back tomorrow. Come on back fight.

Anyway the chairs fly....

Written by Siadina Sorrowchild April 13 2011


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  2. I smell a perfect parody for some machinima. Oh I hope there will be a machinima program for GW2 similar to what WoW has, then songs like this can become videos!
    Great parody.

  3. I loved it, was singing the words as I listened to the song :)


  4. Thank you both! I wrote that while I was in the Fortune Favored Rp group, and it was just too good not to share in my blog. My favorite lines are about the moose heads *grin*