Wednesday, July 11, 2012

49 Bolts of Jute

Sia "No.... you have to put the masks in with the festival hats!"
Akina "Well we wouldn't have to rearrange everything if you didn't keep crafting armor!"
Sia "It's not my fault that you like to wear the same thing everyday...A woman needs a good wardrobe."
Akina "Yeah but you have an armor petting zoo...."

The above is true. Way too true. My Siadina was my main in GW, and even before the Hall of Monuments came out, I was fascinated/fixated on getting every set of armor for her in-game. I drove my friends to distraction. I would camp an area and slay red dots till my fingers were sore and my family thought I was a zombie. To say tunnel vision is a dominate personality trait is to say the ocean has fish.

Alas the problem is and still is this: Where the hell do I stuff all of this crap? Bags, holding runes, storage tabs, mules....lots and lots of mules.

Gw2 is taking an interesting approach to storage. The send-to-bank-from-anywhere utility is just genius. It is just sick. Charging for extra bank tabs and such is a great strategy, as I am one of those gotta get em all kind  of gals and will be ponying up with a smile. The unlocking extra bag slots per toon? We shall see if the might of my lists and planning will crash against the need to purchase those.

But there is something lacking beyond what we see. Where the hell is my town clothes tab? My festival garb grab box? My hat and toy *wheeeee* chest? And, for the love of Lyssa, if you Arenanet make me pay for the pleasure of having these items conveniently stowed....

WTB- Bolts of Jute! Crafting uber bag of stuffing.

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