Monday, July 16, 2012

46 Sia-Moth's

Yep. Siamoth.  Siadina's siamoth Sampson sings for his supper. He also finds random environmental weapons.  A nicer trick than finding truffles. Much cuter too!

Is that his tongue or some more horns?? 
GW2 is stuffed with ranger pets. 46 of em at last count. Everyone of them shall be mine. Iv talked before about the cute factor in many of the baby and juvenile pets before, hinting that it is a kind of catch em all deal.

Well I have the fever. I have set aside piles of pet treats and made room in my invisible can-hold-an-elephant-on-your-belt pet bag *more on this later* and have got my note pad ready to go. I shall be taking friends along for the hunt. See the list below as to what to take.

  • Pet Bag- Yep we needs it. Just don't ask me how the durn thing works ok?
  • Working Index Finger- Right or left. Must be in working order. No gold mining whilst on duty. 
  • Sharp Pointy Thingie- Be it arrows or swords or pistols. Bring stuff to protect you. Mama's fight hard and dirty.
  • A Sense of Humor- Why yes that is a Shark for a pet. No I just stuffed it in the bag with the rest. No special training what sooo Arrrrrggghhhh No! Bad Finney!! Bad! No Bite!!!


  1. Collecting all the pets is indeed something I intent to do with my ranger eventually.

    I am not worrying too much about putting having some pet fight inside my invisible bag of pet holding. The way I see it, inside the invisible bag there is rows of pet houses, one for each, all appropriately furnished (yes, my pets shall have furnishes! They will live in pet mansions!) and pictures of each one so I don't confuse and accidentaly put the wrong pet in the wrong pet house. Well, ok, maybe in a hurry or if I am drunk that may happen... But that should be the exception. I hope. >_> <_<

    1. I love the way you think! Much better than the void I was picturing for them.
      You have a point too about the drunk pet stash. Maybe it should be a law that Norn get the equivalent of the short bus pet bag?
      And does said pet mansion have a koi pond? Have yet to see one in game and I want my pet fishie!

    2. Indeed. Although I think the Norn rangers would share the booze with their pets getting them drunk too. So I guess it all works out in the end?

      It does have all the conveniences a pet need to live in the most comfort possible. Including koi ponds. You know, so they can chill while not out on duty. It is a stressful job being a ranger's pet and they need all the relaxation they can get!

  2. love the koi pond idea :)