Friday, July 20, 2012

40 Points

How Many Do You Have?

Seriously? Not that I am calling into question your uber leetness as a gamer, not at all! I am just curious if there is anyone out there as nutty as my friends and I. One of my dear dear buddies has put enough work into GW1 that he should have 6 sets of 50. 6 sets of 50....There is not an adjective strong enough to touch that level of completionist.

And the rewards! First you get a set of armor for each and every baby you are going to roll in GW2. Then they unleash the beast with weapon skins of pure flaky awesome. *Dryad bow.....come to momma!* Then they chunk in ranger pets. Not just any ranger pets but we get a Rainbow Jellyfish.
And this guy!
*squee* Isn't that the creepiest cutest thing you have ever seen?

How about you? What are you working toward or looking forward to the most out of our HOM rewards?

1 comment:

  1. This so reminds me of what wold you do for a klondike bar :) I only started playing march 2011 and never even heard of the hom til 3 months after that. My original goal was to get 30 (I know slacker) bu the time gw2 was released, so I was putting all my efforts into that. 30 came eventually and then something strange happened, I got 31 somehow. So I had to remedy that and go for 35, and lo and behold overshot that and got 36. That set my newest goal towards 40 and guess what.... you got it. overshot that too making my newest and latest goal of 45. So here I am sitting at 45, helping prople and doing my farndest to avoid getting 2 more titles which will put me at 46. I do not want to scramble around and stress myself out trying to get 50 in 20 days *shuddders*

    I seriously am happy at 45 though, I love the title better than the 50 one and am happy I made it before gw2 came out :)

    And I so want that creepy cutie too! :)