Monday, September 17, 2012

Sia Does sPvP

There are way too many button for my hamfasted the heck does anyone make sense of the control scheme? The re-mapping functions work, but alas the config that I use for PvE is just crappy for PvP.
Ok now I get the basic longbow that has DERP written on the handle? Thanks.....

Iv got tab as target closest and I had to turn off the double tap direction to dodge. *blushes* Thank you vistas for choosing that option for me. Camera is set to the side mousey. While I also use the mousey to click the f1-f4 skills because my stupid computer has those buttons defaulted to stupid stuff like help and play and brightness....*gag*

I did get to level 5 Rabbit! A few hours and some cool karma stuffs later I can safely say that sPvP is fun! On a ranger, there is a lack of pure pownage...but that is because I do think I am doing something wrong. The doctor prescribes some serious BuildCast watching.

And some ointment for my butt....I hath been chewed upon....


  1. Out of curiosity, did you go to sPvP with a pre-made team with your friends or did you just join a random team? Just curious to see if there is any issues with the latter.

    1. I was showing a friend the spvp so I just hot joined, sorry for the delay i was caught in a jumping puzzle *blush*