Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Speed buffs...ooohh yeah. Speed buffs with a winged pet...epic. Speed buffs with winged pet, flying mini and the warhorn skill that calls birds? Yeah I feel like this:

Poor little squishies.....

And this just because the anime is just chuck full of awesome!~


  1. I must admit the first one was felt pretty silly. Makes me wonder how the actors were able to make all those scenes with a straight face. :)

    The second one though actually looked awesome. Might be also because of the Queen song. They always make everything feel more awesome. :)

    1. Flash Gordon is one of those you have to watch things. It is campy. And the whole time you can see in the actors faces that they are just one curfuffle away from just loosing it.

      The 70's anime? Just epic, still quite campy, but if you watch it with the sound off and turn on say a Disturbed or Breaking Benjamin cd....pure awesome!

    2. And Queen! Love me some Queen!!!