Friday, September 21, 2012

Fail Jumping

Goemm's Laboratory = 24 hours of cursing, head banging, finger fatiguing, vertigo inducing madness. Sia was the first to stumble on this epic frustration fest. While I love love love to explore, this time my travels landed me in platform hell.

To get there is a pain. The little floaty stone steps are deceiving in their apparent simplicity. Then they decide to put these little steps over a drop that if you camera down is just wrong in a great way. Whom ever created this tiny bit of player hell has my full support if they want to join a nut farm. The little chest at the beginning of the true puzzle just kudos you crazy programmer you!

Then there are three levels of elemental purgatory. Windy, Stormy, and Chilly. Really? The next time I go exploring I am going to order my toon a LandsEnd jacket... I just could not do it with Sia. I tried and tried and tried. Screamed "Move your gimpy ass!" and would have chucked my controller but this dang lap top isn't paid off yet. Maybe next time.

So I rethought my plan of pain. Why do it with my ranger when my good ole engineer has a nifty rifle skill. 5 button all the way. Which was the plan. Alas combined with my sheer eye-crossing frustration and a dip in my interwebs connectivity that conspired to give me 4 yes 4 fps for the duration of the first two hours trying with Leopa, my rather loud disbelief at fail jumping again roused the house and the neighborhood. We may have had rubber-neckers outside of my window thinking I was giving my hunny hell....

In the end, I conquered the course. As I told my guild last night, after they said that they would have given up already, it was like my honor was at stake as a gamer and I will get this done! I did it....but not without some serious help. When you fall you can die and a flat ton of folks helped several times to rez me. To those who showed me the shortcuts and proved that jumps I though impossible were in fact just a matter of concentration and trust, thank you sooo much! It is easier to go on when you can see others achieving your goal.
In order from left to right:, Uptownsage, my Leopa, slightly front Stejje, and Sakaiya.

After the 'turns you into moa' battle at the final stage, I took this screenshot of the very awesome players that helped me through the last bit of my journey. Well played to you all! And for the love of the six, bring some snacks and a good speed buff when you try some of these epicly trying yet cool factor achieved inducing puzzles of ohhhh hell naw!

Ps: I will admit to having fun after it was all said and done. Sometimes it is the things that you have to push yourself toward, the things you have to struggle over that gives you the best sense of accomplishment and a bit of yep I AM THE MASTER MUHAHAHAHAHA!


  1. I can't attempt jumping puzzles when the kids are awake. It all but guarantees the wrong sort of language acquisition.

    Thus far I've only completed one and that was by accident. There's a vista and SP in the Straits that are even higher than a jumping puzzle completed on the way around and up.

    1. I do know what you mean. My oldest nephew had me out in a level 40 area. I had no clue he went portal hopping so when I came back in-game I had a level 40 something chomping on the bones of my Sia.
      Are they old enough to play with you yet? As soon as the eldest hits 10 he is getting a rig and a copy of gw2. I am going to swear to his mom that it is educational *evil aunty grin*

    2. My step-daughter has a character on my husband's account but the little ones are only 2 1/2. They have a few years to go, although one pointed at my character the other day and said Mommy. I wasn't sure if I should be amused or mortified.

  2. Jumping puzzles are the only things in GW2 that made me think "just take your buffs and get lost dammit" about other players.

    I cant tell you how many times I misjumped/couldnt adjust to speed buffs other fellow jumper explorers kindly gave me and had to start again or die in worst cases. It may also be that I have 2 left feet (so to speak; I usually do not play with my feet) and and serious deflecting issues.

    All I can say about jumping puzzles is that bring as much weapons as you can as some of their skills can really help you. Try to obtain a speed skill before trying them and lastly at least one jumping puzzle becomes much easier if you have a skill to illuminate your surroundings (be it a torch as weapon or one of your skills)

    1. The pirate one was a must have for the torch...dang blind pirates...
      As I learn the different skills and professions, and how to handle myself, I am sure it will get easier. Right now though I am sooo glad that these things are account wide and not toon only. That would put a major damper as I consider Sia my main gal.

  3. Ack! I don't know how I missed this post!

    Anyway, congratulations on beating that jumping puzzle!:D

    It is one of the hardest ones I found so far and I have yet to go back and beat it. Heck, the only time I tried it I've barely passed through the beginning. >_<

    Also, I completely agree that it is a good thing those achievements are account-wide. There are some jumping puzzles that would make me go insane if I had to do with my bigger guys (usually I do those with my asura as he is small and nimble enough to avoid camera issues).

    1. If you want to give it another go I will come with to give you moral support and to hold the tequila *grin*