Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Fire is Best...

Botters! Botters in our game, killing our rats! In the Plains of Ascalon there be a trio of, I won't call them players, asshats that stand in one spot all the live long day. They are on constant auto-attack and they are reaping in the rewards of the fairly common DE that spawns there.

Tips: How to spot assholes botting.

1: Does the *sigh* avatar just stand in one place all the time spamming attacks? BOTTER!
2: Do they stay there all fricking day? BOTTER!
3: Do they refuse to communicate in any channel or by mail? BOTTER!
4: Are regular moving happy players trying to tea-bag said avatar? BOTTER!

How to do your patriotic duty:

Step one: Wait till you have eaten a big slice of lemon and spit vigorously in their general direction. *would have suggested something much much cruder, but I am saving the best for last..*

Step Two: Add the jack-ass/es to your contacts list. This makes it easier to report them.

Step Three: Select said parasite and right click the name. Report them for everything. One at a time. There are 5 channels of reporting. Spamming, Botting, Scamming, Inappropriate Name, and I think Verbal Abuse.

Step Four: Find a close veteran mob and kite to the site.....Watch the antics!

Step Five: Find a Mesmer with tons of time on their hands and watch them drop botters from a ridiculous height!

Step Six: Stack logs of wood at the avatar feet. Pour on some flame thrower fuel. Light and BBQ some tasty treats over their dead corpses. *packs picnic blanket and candles....we keep our slaughter classy!*


  1. Although reporting them is the best idea, and kiting an enemy to them the most fun idea, it would be better only to report them for what they are doing: Botting. Reporting them for all five could probably get yourself in trouble for reporting people inaccurately. Maybe they wouldn't get a person in trouble once they realise it is a botter, but I wouldn't take the chance.

    1. Of course reporting them is best. My feelings on botters are that they should all be toasted with almonds and servers to the border beast! Other than the economic reasons, botters make for a horrible in-game experience and ruin if not immersion then at least your view. Please take the above post with grains *a boatload* of salt. I have seen both the 'train' pulls to botters and also the Mesmer portal function and it was hilarious, but you are right in that could endanger your game account. I want everyone to have a happy and fun game.

    2. Served not servers....which is what I get for responding via my I-phone....