Monday, September 10, 2012

How Copper Rolled My Necro & Thief

I am one of those weird completionist people. Finding the nooks and crannies of places pleases me to no end. With GW2 they cater to my special brand of crazy by giving map completion, daily achievements, and jumping puzzles spattered liberally across the world. What is a girl to do but chase after the nice shinny treasure chests??

To begin my journey through Tyria I made it my first priority to 100% the city maps. Whoohoo boy was that fun or what? My favorite vista has to be the one in the Grove, where you look at the center of the Pale Tree with all the pretty flowers and twisty stuffs. The hardest vista would have to be the first one I tried in Divinity's Reach at the shrine of Melandru. It was hour and a half spent on that, and I can now do it on the fly! *pleased me is pleased*

After that I had a decision to make. Do I rush through the game? Do I pound through content and get to the Big Bad as soon as possible? Join the zerg as it ravages the new world? Or do I follow a separate path? Do I learn each area like the back of my paw? Do I take the time to baby each of my toons into every area and just absorb the atmosphere?

Yeah....FIND ALL THE THINGS! *huzzah*

There is a pretty cool side effect of doing so. By the time I had Queensdale 100% with all five of my babies, I had read this article over at In An Age. *which has now been added to my blog roll with sauce!* I can't explain why this worked, but I can tell you it worked!

For me this plan is perfect:

I am taking my time exploring with all of my toons: Hence more copper mining!

I am harvesting everything that shines on my mini map: Hence more copper mining!

I am putting my crafting on hold: To say I am being lazy is not correct..I am merely waiting for the proper time to spike my crafting. I could be hoarding all of the things but I am quickly running out of room for even the normal drops that I am trying to squirrel away: Hence more copper for selling!

Deposit All The Collectibles!!

I am now selling all the things *except dye*: Yep greens stay with me because they are level appropriate for the moment. I have started on Ascalon so I may need to bump up my gear via the TP if I level some more. But you would be surprised at how much coin you can stash away from just selling everything.

In the past week of playing *as of last night* I have earned enough in-game gold to buy not one but TWO character slots for my account!! Thank you In An Age! *psst....LOVE YOUR BLOG!!*

I have wondered a bit if this could possibly be an exploit...then really thought it through. I am only getting nodes that I find during normal exploration. I don't overflow to normal server hop. I am selling the materials over the TP at the ummm post at bottom pricing thingie. I am not scamming or using any other means to do this than really fine tooth combing the land and selling whist the selling is golden. So yeah. I am feeling pretty dang good with my self right now. That is not to say I wont be buying gems with cash! As soon as they get the gem cards out in stores *I currently do not have a debit card...those things are evil sneaky tricksy things* I am going to be buying one to two $20.00 cards a week. Not because I can't earn gems in-game, but because I want to support what has to be the greatest game I have ever played!

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