Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Metrica Province. A lush semi-mountainous region; with deep caves, plunging waterfalls, and valleys of swampy goodness. The hylek and skritt make for humorous foes and npc's. I dare you to whisper the word shiny anywhere near the vicinity of the Anthill....double dog dare you.

And yet my explorations are not complete. With both my Ranger Extraordinaire and my Ripley Flamethrower Engineer, I have yet to hit that wonderful 100% completion chest for this lovely area. Whats the hold up? Ohh I am so glad you asked!
Come on Anet, you are killing me!
Bugs, thar be bugs in the skill points *arrrrgggggghhhhh* Long creepy slimy ones around the skill points in Metrica Province, where I am trying to get all my gals through. Queensdale and Plains of Ashford were cakewalks compared to this starter area. You have a few skills points that will reload if you refresh the area. Those are ok because I don't mind waiting a bit. But there are some that are just fubared. The outer complex one gives you the dialogue but no baddie to slay. And that is where I am stuck. 97% and waiting on the guys at Arenanet to have the time to fix them.

Anyone have a cattle prod handy??


  1. According to today's patch note they fixed the bugs that were preventing some skill challenges from resetting properly. Hopefully the one that is preventing you from completing Metrica Province got fixed too!

    1. That would make my evening right there! But alas I am going to play with my nephews this afternoon and won't be able to check on it until after 8. *crosses fingers*